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FUMC Pastor Sineath Is Involuntarily Removed By Bishop

From: Eble, B.J.
[member FUMC-Marietta]


  • As of 11:00a edt today [04/27/99], Charles [Sineath] has been relieved of all responsibilities, by Mr. [Bishop] Davis, as pastor of FUMC-Marietta. He is to clean out his office and not return to the premises. The reason for this action is that he is to be named tonight as the new pastor of a new church in Marietta that is scheduled to start meeting in July.

  • Last night [04/27/99] at the 1st informational meeting of the new church, Wesleyan Fellowship, approximately 800 people were in attendance. This was for a tuesday night 'informational' meeting! It became apparent to the church builders that we may have already outgrown the facility where the services were planned to begin!

  • Praise the LORD! It is evident that God's hand is in this endeavor and that this new church is going to be used to meet the needs of many people, not just former FUMC-Marietta, in the Cobb County/North Georgia area and throughout the world. there is a commitment, from the outset, to give 10% of ALL money received by the church to missions with the goal of 50% giving to missions as we grow and become established. The focus will be worship - small groups - missions (moving away from committees and programs) grounded in Scripture.

From: Vandiver, Scott
Date: Wednesday, April 28, 1999 3:08 PM
Subject: Marietta Fumc

Here are a few facts:

Last night 735 people meet at Mt.Paran North Church in Marietta to kick off the forming of a new church.
it will be called Wesleyan Fellowship and will be non denomenational. Charles Sineath will be offered the Senior Pastor position. Terry Cantrel will become the Director of Small Groups. The Church will be a Missionary based congregation.

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