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Pro-homosexuality UM's Exploit Tragedy To Fabricate Gay Hero In PA Plane Crash

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Subject: [CALLED OUT] Reports begin of United Methodist deaths, narrow

Following is a story from United Methodist News Service. One of the United Methodists who was killed is Mark Bingham. According to PlanetOut he was a gay man:

"Friends said Bingham was a large, athletic man who was once gored in the leg while running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. He was the type of person, they said, who wouldn't be afraid to take on the hijackers."

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Excepts: of Gay passenger may have foiled hijackers Article

The theory that Mark Bingham [UMNews Story UCMPage editor's link], a public relations executive from San Francisco, may have rushed the cockpit with a few other passengers stems from phone call conversations that were made during the flight.

Bingham, 31, also made a call from the plane. He told his mother, Alice Hoglan, about three men who claimed to have a bomb before the phone connection failed.

Friends of Mark Bingham, a former Division 1 rugby player who also played in San Francisco's gay rugby and basketball leagues, believe he may have been one of the three passengers who confronted the hijackers, but they acknowledge they may never be able to prove it [UCMPage editor's emphasis].

 Source: Gay passenger may have foiled hijackers by
Tom Musbach, Gay.com / PlanetOut.com Network
Wednesday, September 12, 2001 / 04:00 PM

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