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Bishop's Office Staff And Confessed Homosexually Active Clergy Leads UM Pro-homosexuality Event

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Here is some more information about the event scheduled for this weekend. I plan on attending (assuming the event is not cancelled). It will be my first "reconciling" event.

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Breakout Sessions

1. The Cost of Membership, Rev. Mark E. Williams, pastor, Woodland Park UMC "All Christians are called through their baptism to [a] ministry of servanthood in the world to the glory of God and for human fulfillment," (2000 Discipline, 125). As the United Methodist Church persists in baptizing infants regardless of the sexual orientation that they will grow to discover in themselves, what responsibilities are applied and implied in the sacrament of baptism? This workshop will survey current literature on sexual orientation, baptism, and the full rights and responsibilities of UMC membership in the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Come to discuss, be challenged, learn and grow in claiming your own place in the Body of Christ as expressed in the UMC.

2. Warm Hearts and Keen Minds: UM101 or How do we decide to do what we do?, Rev. Joanne Brown, pastor, University Place (United) As United Methodists, we make decisions in a myriad of ways. This session will look at how the formal process of decision-making happens and what we UMCs bring to that process theologically, historically, and experientially. Bring your 2000 Discipline and glance through pages 9-85 before coming if you can!

3. Dealing with Hatred: A Mom's Personal View, Gabi Clayton, parent, Olympia, WA Gabi's younger son, Bill, came out to the family as bisexual when he was 14 years old. Three years later, in 1995, Bill was assaulted in a hate crime based on his sexual orientation. He committed suicide one month later. Gabi is a mental health counselor in Olympia, as well as being on the YGS board, one of the founders of FUAH -Families United Against Hate (a grassroots organization created by and for families and survivors of hate motivated violence), board member of the Olympia chapter of PFLAG, as well as involved in the Safe Schools Coalition, the Northwest Coalition for Human Dignity and others. Gabi will show a segment of the video, Teen Files: The Truth about Hate, in which she participated for the Homophobia piece, and will lead discussion on issues the video raises.

4. The UM Book of Discipline and Homosexuality, Rev. Elaine Stanovsky, Assistant to the Bishop; Director, Conference Council on Ministries Pacific Northwest Conference Elaine will cover the history of the General conference actions on the issue of homosexuality. Attention will be given to both the positive and negative wording adopted over the years. Present applications, particularly the geographic variations, and future possibilities will be noted. This will be a basic overview of a long and complicated subject, best suited to those who are newcomers in this journey for justice.

5. Leaning on the Strength of Scripture, Rev. Sharon Moe, pastor, University Temple UMC Participants will be reading and sharing Biblical passages that give us strength and guidance as we engage in the struggle for justice for sexual minorities. Please bring particular verses and/or stories from scripture that nurture your spirit and give you guidance. We will also seek an understanding of the authority of scripture for our individual and corporate lives.

6. Creating Inclusive Worship, Rev. Pat Simpson, pastor, Church of Mary Magdalene, and Rev. Katie Ladd, pastor, Crown Hill UMC Pat and Katie will lead a time of sharing both printed resources and people resources in the ways they can enrich inclusive worship experiences. Bring your own printed materials, as well as your experiences and ideas to add to the discussion.

7. Coming Out with Love, Diana Nielsen, M.A., director of Anamchara: a Multi-faith Center for Sexual Minorities, and Laura Keim, M.C., counselor in private practice and a spiritual mentor with Anamchara Coming out is a continual process throughout our lives. No matter where one is in the process, coming out is an act of loving ourselves and loving those who question or doubt us. Learn about stages that many people go through in the coming out process.

8. Coming Out at Work, Katie Frisbie, LMHC, individual and family therapist, who has also worked in the corporate arena Coming out in the workplace can be challenging and create tension in the work environment. As a result, many people feel that they must stay in the closet. In doing so, they carry the constant tension of having a "secret" and, thereby, miss opportunities to help others grow and change in their understanding of gay people. Learn how to make smart coming out choices that will help reduce the fear of coming out at work.

9. Supporting Committed Gay Partners, Rev. Vince Hart, retired, First UMC, Tacoma Vince will discuss the start-up, character, and experience of the Committed Gay Partners Support Group ministry at First UMC, Tacoma. An outreach service now two years old, this has been a very welcomed ministry with both male and female partners meeting together.

10. Gathering of Young People (Gay and Straight: Youth, Students, Young Adults and Seminarians, previously known as MoSAIC), hosted Come together to get to know one another and share what's happening in
your place (high school, college, seminary, church, home) and hear about the national conference.

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