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"Pro-Gay Mantra" Prostituting Death of College Gay

Subj: Combating the new gay mantra
Date: 98-11-08 01:28:12 EST
From:  (Tabb, Michael, LTJG)


We must be very diligent in standing against this new mantra that the gays are using against TC style ministries. We need to support all TC ministries in this time of bigotry. They are attempting to do a "slam-dunk" against us PR-wise, shamelessly prostituting the death of Shepard and other crime victims for their own political cause. We need to shout as loud and as often as we can that it is not "homophobic" nor is it promoting hate crimes to believe:

(1) homosexual practice is sinful
(2) homosexuals can change.

I am writing my bishop a letter stating such and calling on him to issue a statement in regards to the harassment that ex-Gay ministries are receiving in light of this new strategy. I encourage others to do likewise, especially if they have Bishops who are not sympathetic to Reconciling.

Mike Tabb

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