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Let's Keep The Main Issue Before Us Amidst Homosexualist Spin Of Ex-gay Leader

From: Earle Fox emmfox@juno.com
To: ucmpage@ucmpage.org
Cc: info@exodusnorthamerica.org
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 10:26 AM
Subject: Ex-gay

Greetings to All,

I hope John Paulk's experience at the homosexual bar in Washington, DC, does not turn into another case of "shooting our wounded".

Until proven otherwise, we must accept John's account of the matter. There was, so far as anyone knows, no "fall" on his part, neither outwardly nor inwardly. He wandered in accidentally looking for a restroom. He apparently began talking with another person there who had a wedding ring, presumeably to tell this fellow the truth of the matter. That is not bad behavior, that is Godly behavior.

John's actions in not immediately leaving the bar MAY have been unwise. He MAY have been caught unprepared for the interaction. But on the other hand, such meetings can be the source of seed planting and tremendous good. There will always be risks in reaching out to those who have the same problem we may have had. So far, i-t is only the spin put on by the homosexualists which can make the incident look bad. So let us not fall prey to their evil-mindedness.

Some may think that John has damaged his credibility. I do not think so. The real damage will come if we respond by hanging our heads as though we have a fallen leader. We have no evidence for such a statement. We fall into the trap of the Enemy if we assume without evidence that John has fallen, either outwardly or inwardly. Not even the "other side" is saying that John fell. Only that he was there. So let us not let Satan suggest evil thoughts in our own minds. Go by the publicly available evidence. If John has issues to deal with, always a possibility, that is a matter for those close to him, not the public press.

Bob Davies' response was well taken, but would have done well to have ended with a ringing endorsement of John, and an affirmation that we are going to carry on the war. The homosexualists will make all the hay they can out of this incident, but we, in the grace of God, can and must turn it to good.

We must continually go on the graceful offensive, rather than "reacting" to the other side. We must stop worrying about what "they" will say, and keep responding to "them" by speaking the truth in love. Like Jesus.

They will say, of course, that John's inner "gay" self was yearning to return to reality, that he was repressing his true self when he walked out. That is silly nonsense, with no credible evidence to back it up, and we need to respond publicly point for point.

Their are two main issues:

1. God approves of homosexuality.... T or F?

2. The homosexual lifestyle is a safe way to live.... T or F?

Every other issue is a side track until these two are resolved. But the other side is masterful in getting us off on other rabbit trails. The answer to every other issue rests on the answer to these two questions. The evidence on these two issues is so overwhelming that it is silly and ridiculous that we are losing the public policy war. If we gracefully force the discussion back to these two issues, we will begin to turn the matter around.

Earle Fox, Director
* Transformation Christian Ministries - 202 739-8223 - 1401-1/2 King St,
Alexandria, VA 22314
* Email: emmfox@juno.com

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