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Ex-Gays and Lesbians to Share Testimonies With North Carolina UMC's

Dear Friends,

I just received word today that Tim Wilkins will be speaking in a number of UMC's in North Carolina. Tim is a Southern Baptist who is an ex-gay and has an ex-gay ministry in Raleigh. He used to work for the paper there until they fired him because he is an ex-gay. He has an articles in our Transforming Congregations newsletter about his work with the Southern Baptists.

His schedule:

  • Sat. Mar 20 1pm Hay St UMC, Fayetteville, NC

  • Sun. Apr. 11 3pm First UMC, Graham, NC

  • Sat May 15 1pm First UMC Wilson NC

  • Sat May 22 1pm Covenant UMC Greenville, NC

Please pass the word to your friends in NC and keep him in your prayers. We praise God that UMC's in NC are willing to invite him to give his testimony. A gay man and a mother who's daughter is a lesbian woman will also appear with him.

Bob Kuyper, Editor, Transforming Congregations

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