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Got your spinfull yet?

Depending on your news source, you will get your General Conference highlights mixed with the wine and myrrh of spin.

Reports sent out from the conference office focused on theatrics and symbolic acts favoring the pro-gay agenda. No mention was made of the MANY spirited and high-functioning evangelicals who worked sincerely and earnestly to pass legislation affirming traditional apostolic Christianity, doctrinal integrity, and church discipline at GC2000. WHY?

"Silence of the press" must mean we don't exist?

Evangelical legislative observers were jubilant over voting results at this General Conference. Here's why:

Votes to retain Disciplinary standards on ordination and bans of same-sex unions passed by STRONGER MARGINS than four years ago at Denver. The margin of improvement over Denver is between 5%-10% PER PETITION. Amazing achievement!

The ban on same-sex unions was moved from the Social Principles to Part V of the Book of Discipline. The ban becomes unequivocal church law and must be enforced by annual conferences.

Judicial Council ruled that annual conferences may not "legally negate, ignore, or violate provisions of the Book of Discipline, even when such disagreements are based upon conscientious objection.

Three candidates enthusiastically endorsed by the evangelical coalition were elected to the Judicial Council.

THE BIG STORY of this General Conference may be the emergence of Third World voting strength and the teamwork of evangelicals. Together, this translates into a rejection of theological revisionism.

The vaunted CPT Report, which proposed drastic reshuffling of power arrangements and global restructuring of the church, was trounced. Delegates sensed the plan would only further distance local churches from the seats of authority and concentrate decision-making power in the hands of a small ruling elite.

The proposed evangelical missionary conference in the West was defeated by a plenary vote of 615-312. California evangelicals were pleased that the concept was debated in plenary. Several desperate maneuvers to keep the idea alive by referral failed--probably due to time constraints.

General Conference adjournment is scheduled for 10:30 pm EDT. The evangelical legislative team (headed by SCOTT FIELD of Northern Illinois AC) is alert to last minute shenanigans.

SOULFORCE has now threatened to demonstrate against pastors opposing the gay agenda. However, Jim Gentile of TRANSFORMING CONGREGATIONS has challenged pastors and churches to reach out even more compassionately to homosexuals with the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let's do it for the love of Jesus Christ!

Gary Starkey

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