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"Barnabas Plan" Choosen Over Redirecting Apportionments At Christ UMC

Press Release
July 7, 1998

After a year of careful review and weeks of constant prayer and discussion, Christ United Methodist Church, Memphis, Tennessee has adopted a plan to encourage renewal within the United Methodist Church at large. In a vote on July 6, 1998, the Administrative Board approved this new plan, the Barnabas Plan, by a vote of 80 to 36.

This vote was taken in response to the many concerns regarding the doctrinal and moral crises of the denomination. We believe Christ Church and the United Methodist Church are in need of renewal. Christ Church has chosen to take a bold stand in accordance with Christ's teachings, especially that of Matthew 18 where accountability for Christians' actions are addressed.

The Barnabas Plan seeks accountability for the Bishops, Boards, Agencies and other official representatives of the UMC to remain loyal to the doctrine and ethics of our Wesleyan faith and discipline as described in our Book of Discipline. Major points include:

Creation of a standing committee (the Barnabas Committee) to direct the renewal ministry of Christ Church by providing accurate information and organizing our efforts,

Representatives of the Barnabas Committee will attend open meetings of the General Board of Global Ministries and the General board of Church and Society to express our concerns,

Coordinate and expand our involvement in the Confessing Movement within the United Methodist Church,

Drafting of resolutions for the 1999 Memphis Annual Conference and the General Conference in 2000,

Educate and update our congregation and others through our newsletter, The Tidings and the Christ Church home page on the Internet,

Participation with other UM members and churches both here and abroad to petition the General Conference to restructure the church to provide accountability from the Boards and Agencies, and

Active correspondence with Bishops and other church leaders regarding our concerns over same-sex unions, partial birth abortion, and other issues that deviate from biblical teaching and ignore the theological doctrines in the Book of Discipline.

Only after these bold steps have been taken and no substantial improvement has been made by General Conference in 2000 will Christ Church seriously consider the redirection of apportionments or other methods to restore the denomination. An option has been provided to members of Christ Church who object to paying money toward apportionments by designating their pledge to the "local operations account."

CHRIST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH is located at 4488 Poplar Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. William R. Bouknight is the Senior Minister.

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