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Pro-Homosexuality UM Organizations Plan Creech Trial Media Event

From: "U.M. Cornet"


Creech on trial for performing a holy union ceremony, supporters believe that gays and lesbians have the inherent right to join together in a covenant relationship with one another and with God

October 31, 1999        For Immediate Release
Contact:  Larry Ellis    919-846-9409

Raleigh, NC - All over the United States, people are making preparations to head to Nebraska to show their support for The Reverend Jimmy Creech. Rev. Creech will face his second trial in The United Methodist Church on November 17 and 18, 1999, at Trinity United Methodist Church, in Grand Island, Nebraska. He has been charged with violating the Order and Discipline of The United Methodist Church for performing a holy union for Larry Ellis and James Raymer.

Larry and Jim are among the people making preparations to attend the trial. "In many respects, we are like any other couple. We met by chance, became acquainted, fell in love and decided 'this is the person I want to spend my life with.' Since we are both very spiritual individuals, it seemed only natural that we would seek God's blessing in a formal ceremony before our family, friends and church," wrote Larry and Jim. "What we did not realize was that it was also the beginning of a controversy."

Although Larry and Jim will be attending the trial to show their love and support for Rev. Creech, they will not be testifying on his behalf. Rev. Creech stated, "I do not want the sacredness of their relationship to be vulnerable to attack by The United Methodist Church by putting them on the witness stand. However, they will be willing to speak to the press about their lives, their love, and their commitment to one another.

Supporters from The Methodist Federation for Social Action, In All Things Charity, Affirmation, and Reconciling Congregations will also be present to show their commitment to the belief that gays and lesbians have the inherent right to join together in a covenant relationship with one another and with God. The Reverend Greg Dell, who in March of this year was found guilty of the charge of disobedience to the Order and Disciple of the United Methodist Church for conducting a holy union for two men in September of 1998, will also be attending the Creech trial.

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(press release written and circulated by Laura Montgomery Rutt, Media, Publicity, and Logistics Coordinator for Rev. Jimmy Creech)

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