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Nebraska United Methodists Pray For Church Trial Conviction Of Rebel Pastor

From: Jeff Thurman
Date: Tuesday, November 09, 1999 1:10 PM
Subject: Pastor John

Dear John,

I am a member of the jury pool for the second Jimmy Creech trial. I have been reading the material on the UCM site. Mel White makes a comment that he doesn't know of any one who is praying for the trial to take place.

We in Nebraska are praying for the trial to take place. Our evangelical assosciation is organizing a prayer vigil for Tuesday and Wednesday. Would you please post something on the UCM page requesting prayer for the trial. These are the suggested requests:

  1. That the jury pool will cross the three lines of Mel White and find Jimmy guilty and will have the courage to take away his credentials.

  2. That Fred Phelps will be prevented from showing up.

  3. That the side show out side the church in Grand Island will not become the main show.

  4. That God's will would be done and healing and forgiveness for all sins would be proclaimed.

  5. That the evangelicals on hand would present a testimony in deeds and words that reflects the love of Jesus in a winsome and convincing manner.

  6. Protection from demonic and evil influences for all participants.

  7. For evil to be revealed for what it is.

  8. For a fair media report.

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