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Ed Robb to deliver Easter Message at Laity Rally in Omaha

Dr. Ed Robb of the Ed Robb Evangelistic Association, a respected voice of traditional Methodism, is speaking Easter Sunday at the continuing Laity Rallies being held in Omaha each Sunday in reaction to the Creech trial decision.  This group of 300-400 members of First United Methodist, Omaha are attempting to remain faithful to their Christian beliefs by forming a spiritual fellowship of concerned members to minister to each other in light of the return of Rev. Jimmy Creech.  Creech has publicly defied the directives of the bishop, the Discipline of the United Methodist Church and Scriptural authority with impunity and can no longer minister to this group in faith.  There goal appears to be to remain faithful to their church and work for the removal of Creech and his pro-homosexual staff of associates.

The group of laity is feeling increasing pressure from the mostly pro-homosexual supporters of Creech to force them to disband by threatening Church charges against the group and any speakers for undermining the ministry of Jimmy Creech. One member reports, "I think the heat is being turned up. I decided part of our group's problem is that most of them have not been at this as long as we have...thus, they are just now seeing the whole picture. Every week, a lot of encouraging progress is being made. It takes some time to get people educated on what's happening and to get them focused on the real issues. We are taking out a good-sized add in the newspaper this week, too, to advertise our service on Sunday. The intention is not to necessarily attract a lot of people, but more to show them that we are alive and well and that we have no intention of stopping short of seeing this thing through." (Diane West, member FUMC-Omaha)

The group of laity have invited retired UMC pastors to minister to them each Sunday as speakers for there Laity Rallies

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