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Bad News for Conservative UMC's from Kearney Trial

Bad news for classical orthodoxy in the UMC comes the report from Kearney.

Three eye witness agree, that if the 3-12-98 proceedings are repeated the final day of trail, the case is lost for the Church.  Creech and the homosexual movement in the UMC seems to be prevailing in the courtroom.  Rev. Lauren Ekdahl, representing the Church against Creech, seems to be disorganized and unconvincing.  He is calling upon no credible witnesses and quoting no higher authority than the Social Principles which is supporting the defense arguments!

Eye witness report:

In light of earlier posts, (see below) I thought I'd report that you are right! The good news is: God is on the throne.  Unfortunately, the bad news is:  That throne is not presently very close to Kearney NE

Eye witness report:

I've seen the grief in the eyes of a good man who has brought a lot of souls to Christ in his years of ministry as he was mocked by Creech's rep.  He's about two   weeks  from resigning if Creech wins.  His father brought my wives parents to Christ and Baptized Alice when she accepted Christ as a 5 year old.  He's like family.  He loves the Lord and the church is spitting in his face because he brought the charges against Creech. I've seen the press following their hero around like puppies all day.

I've looked into the eyes of jurors that I know don't have a clue.

And listened to arguments by the "guy representing our side" and he's failing us miserably.  He should have called the Bishop, a DS, someone (or 6 of the 400) from 1st church who does not "support the vision," maybe someone from North Carolina.   I suppose he could have even offered an expert of some sort.  He might have mentioned God at least once.

I have heard quite a lot of scripture today.... from Jimmy Creech.  He's a good (maybe gifted) communicator.  He gets laughs, he looks relaxed, he preached from Acts in response to one of his questions.  If you could get into the gay mindset, it made sense.  He mentioned the Holy Spirit, God, Jesus, Christ, his fidelity to the church and his sincere and prayerful struggle with these issues.  Our guy quoted no verse, no references to any higher authority than the social principles.  

All these things make me say, hmmmmmmmm.  I need my virtual friends to quote me happy Bible verses!  NOT.  Thanks for trying, I guess, but when people are grieving they don't need triumphalism.

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