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Opening Arguments

Opening arguments were that the Church was trying Creech on his actions against the Book of Discipline to conduct a homosexual union service in his church.

Creech's argument is that he would be bringing evidence on the nature of homosexuality,

  • about the adaptability of liturgy by individual clergy to meet a need.
  • Wogaman on ethics--(Pastor to President Clinton)
  • Herek on human sexuality and sexual orientation

The Church started by calling Creech.  The highlight of the testimony was when Jimmy said he didn't know what the term "homosexual marriage" meant:

Q: You've denied that you performed a homosexual union service?

Creech: Homosexual union has not been defined by the General Conference and has no meaning to me."  [everyone gasp]

Creech would not answer as to whether the couple was "homosexual" because he considered that private info between pastor and parishioners.

He had agreed to do the service before they became members of the church (they joined 10 days before the service)

He may be working on a technicality.  It can't be proved they were homosexual.

He maintained that the service was a service pledging love, fidelity and between two people.

Then Bishop Hicks was called.  He says, he's not always agreed with the discipline, but he's complied and has said to people, this is the position of our church.

MSNBC News, from a local Nebraska TV station can be viewed at   An audio clip is available of Creech.  audio.gif (202 bytes)Creech Statement

Jimmy Creech explains that he hopes this trial will help change the Church's treatment of gays and lesbians.  To some, his statement (audio) seems to be in contradiction with his testimony indicating his ignorance concerning the meaning of "homosexual marriage," "homosexual union," and nature of the ceremony he performed.

"...What I am doing is challenging the church on a stand that I think is wrong, and I hope, that through the trial process, the church will go through a period of self examination and change it position regarding gay men and lesbians."

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