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Former Omaha 1st Minister - Church Policy Encouraged Murder of Gay Colorado Student

Tuesday morning, KBEZ had a news item about the killing of the homosexual man in Colorado. At the end of the story they added, "The United Methodist Church will be voting at General Conference in the year 2000 on having compassion for the homosexuals." Rev. Creech, the United Methodist minister who was at the center of the controversy for holding same-sex marriages, has also jumped into the storm again. This time he is blaming the church's stance on homosexuality as one of the contributing factors that enabled the two men to kill this homosexual man. To paraphrase the news article, "Rev. Creech says, 'It is the church's stance against homosexuals that helps produce an atmosphere where hatred and acts of violence against homosexuals is condoned and encouraged.'"

Both articles are wrong and very misleading. The church's Discipline says, "Homosexual persons no less than heterosexual persons are individuals of sacred worth ... although we do not condone the practice of homosexuality and consider this practice incompatible with Christian teaching, we affirm that God's grace is available to all. We commit ourselves to be in ministry for and with all persons."

Is it having compassion for someone when we seek to minister to and with them in such a way as to help them choose a life that is pleasing to God? Or is it compassion to help them stay in sin but feel okay about it and have the church change its standards and morals instead so as to be in line with them (as society says the church should do)?

Rev. Creech's comments also have no logic. Blaming the church's stand against homosexuality as providing the context for murdering a homosexual is like holding the church responsible for killing of blacks by KKK members because we stand against racial prejudice.

Standing against sin does not lead one to sin in return. The acts of violence makes the two guilty who did the acts, not the stance against sin. We pray for the family of the killed young man and ask God to heal their pain and comfort them in their grief.

Furthermore, in a letter to the Bishops, they say "Our church is adrift, buffeted by forces that seek to steer our course away from the prophetic, just and compassionate course of Christ."

COMMENTS: The church is to be Prophetic - not Pathetic. We are to make a stand as a light in the dark. We are to call for what leads to wholeness and holiness with grace and compassion. We are to follow the course of Christ which was not an anything goes type of love. It was a love that went everywhere to bring people back to wholeness and life.

It is important that we know the teaching of the Scriptures and the Doctrine of the Church before we let people push the church adrift and allow it to lose its focus/course: Jesus Christ. Even Jesus wept over those who did not understand what would make for peace - but he did not change his course and what he had to do for them. He would even die for them as well.

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