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197 United Methodist clergy declared intent to celebrate gay and lesbian unions

updated May 14, 1998

In related news, a group called the Proclaiming the Vision Committee announced today that 92 [updated to 197] United Methodist clergy members have declared their intent to celebrate righteous intent with all couples regardless of gender. The pastors signed a statement of commitment, which was written by the Proclaiming The Vision Committee in response to the Creech trial.

"Clergy have performed covenant services for 20 years," said the Rev. Alice Knotts, with the Proclaiming the Vision Committee. "We will continue to perform covenant services as part of our pastoral role as clergy in the United Methodist Church."

The committee consists of representatives of several groups – In All Things Charity, Affirmation, the unofficial Methodist Federation of Social Action, the Supporting the Vision group with First United Methodist Church of Omaha, the Reconciling Congregations Program and Cornet.

--United Methodist News Service - March 13, 1998 (updated May 3, 1998-UCM page)

Statement of Commitment


We, the undersigned clergy of The United Methodist Church, have watched for many years as General Conference actions have added increasingly condemnatory and exclusionary language to The Book of Discipline concerning the full participation of gay and lesbian persons in our denomination. The 1996 General Conference added the words, "Ceremonies that celebrate homosexual unions shall not be conducted by our ministers and shall not be conducted in our churches," (paragraph 65.C) to the Social Principles of the church.

We understand the Social Principles to be instructive and legally non-binding. Nevertheless, we recognize the directive tone of this addition and make public our opposition to it by declaring that we will not be bound by it.

We reaffirm the statement contained within the "In All Things Charity" document, "To withhold rituals of support and accountability for committed relationships is unconscionable. The standards for preparation and celebration of [covenantal unions] with same-gendered couples should be the same as for weddings of heterosexual couples."

We publicly state that we will celebrate rites of union with all couples, regardless of gender, as part of the pastoral responsibilities consistent with the gospel and spirit of Jesus Christ, entrusted to us by The United Methodist Church.

Please indicate your support for this commitment by sending your name, e-mail address (if applicable), and Annual Conference membership via e-mail to:
or via snail mail to:
Affirmation, PO Box 1021, Evanston, IL 60204.
Your name and Annual conference membership will be released publicly on CORNET's website, news releases, etc.

Please indicate you are signing the clergy statement.

Thank you.

"Proclaiming the Vision Committee"
Greg Dell, "In All Things Charity;" Dick Royal Methodist Federation for Social Action (MFSA); Morris Floyd, Affirmation; Lawrence Jensen, "Supporting the Vision" from First United Methodist Church in Omaha, Mark Bowman, Director of Reconciling Congregations; Joanne Brown & Mark Henderson, CORNET; Laura Montgomery Rutt, National Organizer for Proclaiming the Vision, a project of MFSA.

Current list of signers

SUPPORTERS of the Statement of Commitment

The Statement of Commitment was released on March 2, 1998; these are the 197 people who have signed so far. Click a hyperlinked name to read the signer's personal witness regarding this Statement of Commitment. CORNET will update this list weekly, on Wednesday.  Please check your name for spelling and correct affiliation and send any additions or corrections to this list to:

Alaska Missionary

  1. Kim Poole


  1. Chip Aldridge
  2. Kathleen M. Black
  3. Douglas E. Fox
  4. Harry C. Kiely
  5. Ralph L. Minker
  6. Howard Nash
  7. Tom Starnes


  1. John Auer
  2. Robert W. Blaney
  3. Debra L. Brady
  4. Richard Bruner
  5. Rolfe J. Conrad
  6. Alfred S. Dale
  7. Anne Dilenschneider
  8. Jan Everhart
  9. Don Fado
  10. Glenn Fuller
  11. Alice Ann Glenn
  12. Thomas Hick
  13. Bruce Hilton
  14. Elbert D. Hoffman
  15. William Johnson
  16. Frank Kimper
  17. Sam Leonard
  18. Susan Meikle
  19. Douglas J. Monroe
  20. David Leeper Moss
  21. Karen Oliveto
  22. Ronald Parker
  23. Philip Peace
  24. Kathleen Pope
  25. M. Andrew Robinson-Garthen
  26. Christine E. Shiber
  27. Richard A. Schlosser
  28. Judy Shook
  29. John Song
  30. Margo Tenold
  31. H.A. "Bud" Tillinghast
  32. Lloyd K. Wake
  33. Lee Williamson


  1. James Conn
  2. Morris Floyd
  3. Katherine S. Gara
  4. Tom Griffith
  5. Ed Hansen
  6. Diane Kenney (mod)
  7. Holly Reinhart-Marean
  8. Tom Reinhart-Marean
  9. Allen J. Moore
  10. Mary Elizabeth Moore
  11. Sandie Richards
  12. Robert M. Stevenson
  13. Perry Wiggins
  14. Frank Wulf

Central New York

  1. Donald Hoff

Central Texas

  1. Annette Vanzant Williams
  2. Mike Wright-Chapman


  1. Robert Fraley
  2. David Wilkinson


  1. Eric A. Stone

East Ohio

  1. Alfred Hubler
  2. Don W. Kuntz
  3. Sue Spirit
  4. Thomas S. Taylor

Eastern Pennsylvania

  1. Arthur Brandenburg
  2. David Wesley Brown
  3. Robert G. Coombe
  4. Theodore W. Loder
  5. James F. McIntire
  6. David Tatgenhorst
  7. Hal Taussig
  8. Timothy S. Thomson-Hohl


  1. W. Michael Biklen
  2. Allen B. Jones


  1. Kelly Willoughby


  1. Chuck Chipman


  1. Gilbert Schroerlucke


  1. Linda Day
  2. Marylee Fithian
  3. Naomi Jackson
  4. Jeanne Audrey Powers
  5. Jean E. Rollin
  6. Judith J. WestLee


  1. John R. Harrison
  2. Cheryl Lynn Wofford Hill, OSL


  1. Doyle Burbank-Williams
  2. Jimmy Creech
  3. Mark Kemling
  4. Susan L. Mullins

New England

  1. Amy Allentzhauser
  2. Bruce Angus
  3. S. Graham DeCoster
  4. Mark Henderson
  5. Nancy Hetherington
  6. Peter A. Hey
  7. Yeager Hudson
  8. Beverly Prestwood-Taylor
  9. Bruce Prestwood-Taylor
  10. Julie Todd
  11. Wesley Williams

New Mexico

  1. Helen R. Neinast

New York

  1. James Karpen
  2. Wayne Lavendar
  3. David J. Lull
  4. George McClain
  5. Ralph W. Mueckenheim
  6. Richard Parker
  7. Schuyler Rhodes
  8. Judith Stevens

North Indiana

  1. Mike Mather
  2. Linda Van Horn
  3. Lawrence VanVactor-Lee, OSL

Northern Illinois

  1. Ann Broyles
  2. Nicholas S. Mitrovich
  3. Larry Peacock
  4. B.J. Birkhahn-Rommelfanger
  5. Lynda Hawkins

Northern New Jersey

  1. Dan R. Bottorff
  2. Jeff Edwards
  3. Lisanne Finston
  4. David J. Roberts III
  5. Susan Trumbetta


  1. Michael A. Asher
  2. Bob Bjorkland
  3. Jeni Markham Clewell
  4. Jim Gragg
  5. Dennis C. Jones
  6. Tish Malloy
  7. Leslie Penrose
  8. Susan Ross
  9. Todd A. Spencer


  1. George Allen
  2. Richard F. Burdon
  3. Marcia Hauer
  4. Gerry Hill
  5. Ted L. Hubert
  6. Jeanne Knepper
  7. Alice Knotts
  8. Paul LaRue
  9. Genevieve O. Massie
  10. Roberta Patterson
  11. John Schweibert
  12. Charles Wallace, Jr.
  13. Dee-dee Walters


  1. Jan Anderson
  2. Kay Barclay
  3. Joanne Brown
  4. Karla Frederickson
  5. Jim Head-Corliss
  6. Marion Kline
  7. Katie Ladd
  8. Tom Martin
  9. Sharon Moe
  10. Judy Schultz
  11. Patricia Simpson
  12. Richard Smith
  13. Robert W. Stevenson


  1. Vernon Schmid

Rocky Mountain

  1. Linda Downey
  2. Russ Hawkins
  3. Eun-sang Lee
  4. Paul Murphy
  5. Kay Gardner Wallace

South Indiana

  1. Henry Gerner


  1. Youtha C. Hardman-Cromwell
  2. Robert T. Thomason

West Michigan

  1. Tim Boal
  2. Steven Michael Smith
  3. Gerald L. Toshalis
  4. Stephen Weinberger

Western North Carolina

  1. Wayne Marshall Jones
  2. Karen E. Kaser Odor

West Ohio

  1. Chester V. Chambers
  2. Rebecca Gifford-Mitchell
  3. Jerry Hill

Western Pennsylvania

  1. R. Craig Bennet, OSL
  2. Suzanne D. Bennett
  3. J. Howard Cherry, OSL
  4. John Patrick Colatch
  5. James D. Hammerlee
  6. Maurine C. Waun


  1. Robert Millner Adams
  2. Kenneth Engelman
  3. James E. Miller
  4. Joyce Rinehart
  5. Wesley White


  1. William Bouton
  2. Guy Burt
  3. Gary E. Doupe
  4. Amy B. Gregory
  5. Stephen Heiss
  6. Mark Marino
  7. Roger Richards
  8. E. Allen Siebold


  1. Elizabeth Vernon
  2. Janet M. Walsh


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