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Official UM News Gives Glowing Report Of Anti-Church, Pro-homosexuality UM Org Board Meeting

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Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2000 9:51 AM
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Subject: UMNS article # 499

Alexander said. "There's a great feeling of embarrassment of being United Methodist and about the loss of a church that they knew."

We have never lost anything; it is Mr. Alexander and his people who are trying to destroy the church that we knew. We are just standing against the sinful world and supporting righteousness. I am embarrassed that individuals like Alexander think they have the right to defame and attack our denomination while claiming to represent United Methodist opinion simply because they don't like our unwillingness to throw away the authority of Scripture and invite "everyone to do that which it right in their own eyes". Evidently he must think that because he wants to do something that by wanting it makes it moral and blessed of God. He is wrong. Since your giving the Reconciling program free reign to attack and demean our denomination, will you also be interviewing Good News, Transforming Congregations, The Confessing Movement and other evangelical organizations for a response to this defamation of character? Mr. Alexander talks of less than 20,000 supporters. The Confessing Movement have over 620,000 supporters. Isn't their opinion worth something in this regard or does one have to be politically correct to have one's views and opinions printed?

Rev. Kent L. Svendsen
Northern Illinois Conference

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