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Punished Cal/Nev Pastor Responds To Disobedient Bishop: "Condition Of Broken Trust" And Episcopal Abuse Exists

From: peg brydens@cyber-quest.com
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Sent: Sunday, May 21, 2000 8:17 PM
Subject: Punished Cal/Nev Pastor Responds To Disobedient Bishop: "Condition Of Broken Trust" And Episcopal Abuse Exists

Although I live in the state of Pennsylvania, I am outraged at the mistreatment Kyle Phillips is receiving at the hands of Bishop Talbert. We suffered through a similar experience when we as a congregation in Warren Center, PA withheld our apportionments after our Wyoming Conference declared itself a reconciling conference. Our pastor, C. Earle Cowden was given a punitive appointment and the congregation at Warren Center was sent a pastor who knew he wasn't called there by God and had refused the appointment. He, of course, ended up there but has since left the United Methodist Church over his mistreatment. That congregation has never been quite the same. Charges were brought by members of the congregation but there was no justice.

I will do whatever I can to support Rev. Phillips and his congregation.

I am also seeking ways to hold our bishop accountable. We are suffering under the leadership, and I use that term loosely, of Bishop Morrison. May God help us all.

From: Martin Corie
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Sent: Sunday, May 21, 2000 1:56 AM
Subject: Punitive Move Without Consultation More About Power Than Faithfulness, Says Local Church Leader

Praise God for the courage and honesty exhibited by David Boyce and the PPRC of Kyle Phillips church in California. In the estimation of many right-thinkers, talbert is a prime candidate for a trip to the WOODSHED for a severe thrashing. Boyce has accurately named talbert's arrogance in the "dismissal of charges" fiasco in February. I pray God bring down this power-crazed bishop before other churches and pastors suffer such an unwarranted attack from his chair.

Martin Wesley Corie
Elder, Louisiana Conference

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