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Florida Certifies Bush, Cheney Win

From: Kevin and Mary Jo Colwell mjnkcolwells@earthlink.net
Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 3:17 AM 
To: jwarrene@ucmpage.org 
Subject: Ballot Tampering article

Dear John,

On the unofficial Confessing Movement website, you link to an article on Michael Reagan's website called "Explicit statistical evidence of massive ballot tampering in Palm Beach, Fl"

I read the article a week ago and have done my own investigating. While I think there may be a kernel of truth to the allegations, there are enough misstatements and unsupported facts that I would not endorse the article if I were in your position.

For one, ballot spoilage seems to be an epidemic in Florida. The Palm Beach Post (www.gopbi.com) reported that 7 FL counties had more spoilage than Palm Beach. One of these, Duval county (mentioned in the "tampering" article) is overwhelmingly Republican, yet the spoilage occurred mainly in Democrat-leaning precincts. This may indeed be part of the same fraud, but the nature of the ballot there is good cause for Bush supporters to keep their mouths shut. The ballot for President was on two pages, and most of the spoilage was due to double punches where voters chose one from the first page and another from the second. It is incredible the DemocRATs have not made more of an issue of Duval county. In any case, the problem of ballot spoilage was so rampant in Florida that comparisons with national averages is inappropriate.

The 26 ballots per minute thing is for the entire county. There were 526 precincts in the county. If, as the article claims (I have not found a precinct breakdown for spoiled ballots online), the problems were confined to 100 precincts, that amounts to one spoiled ballot every 4 minutes. This is still a lot, but not overwhelming to any one precinct. I am not aware of the original statement referred to in the article, but I have always thought the 19120 figure was ballots mistakenly cast, not cases where voters asked for new ballots.

Precinct 144F only had one vote for Bush, but it also only had six votes for Gore! (www.pbcelections.org) Some precincts in that area went 50-1 for Gore, but precincts elsewhere in the state had similar numbers for Bush. 98-1 for Gore in Miami-Dade is the most unbalanced ratio in one precinct I have seen so far. Precinct 144F is not statistically relevant to any of the arguments presented.

The discussion of the Congressional races in Palm Beach seems the most confused. It appears the author neglected to consider the absentee ballots, which, on the website, are listed with the Congressional races but not the Presidential races.

At any rate, the article contains information that ought to be checked out (Judicial Watch might actually check into these things). I'll bet if there was as much conservative investigation as liberal investigation, some true irregularities would surface. The mainstream press seems willing to serve as Democrat PR these days, so they just trumpet every Dem charge and downplay the Republican ones. The inaccuracies contained in this article (not to mention the grammar), can only serve to embarrass those endorsing it.

Love in Christ,

Kevin Colwell

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