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UM News Service Part of Pro-homosexuality Propaganda

From: John M. Dunnack <jdunnack@UDel.Edu>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, April 01, 1999 7:42 AM
Subject: UM News Service Part of Pro-homosexuality Propaganda

Hello friends:

We need to carefully read the "Teletubbies" article from the gay former Falwell staffer and realize that we win by being more GRACIOUS. Love and grace are the benchmarks of our style. So all we say in response to the "propaganda" must measure to this standard. Yes, it's sort of dull. But the meek, not the flamboyant inherit the family business (i.e. the world).

So let's cool the uglies and pour on the grace. We don't rejoice when we have to discipline our children. How can we rejoice when forced to discipline brothers Creech or Dell or the upcoming Sacramento 69. Let's grieve and beseech our Father for grace in this terrible time.

The let the grace flow to those so sorely deluded.
In HIS grace alone,
John Dunnack

From: <>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, March 31, 1999 7:38 PM
Subject: How about some BALANCE in your reports?

To UMC Media "Reporters"

So far, you people have performed as some of us have predicted in regard to the same-sex union issue! (see the Circuit Rider's Cauldron at:

Why the long drawn out detailed account of 2 homosexuals being "hurt" over the episode of the Dell trial? Your flawed logic on this takes you down a road where eventually you would have to report on those who habitually practice adultery or fornication as being "hurt" because of persons who speak out against their lifestyle!

You can't say the adultery or fornication circumstances are different because they involve sexual sin and the same sex union thing does not. Who knows, maybe the adulterers or the fornicators were "born that way" as the same-sex couplers claim to be! And the adulterers and fornicators could be "committed" and "loving" people too, but they feel they aren't "welcome" in the church and feel excluded! So the problem must be those "legalistic" and "Biblical literalist" persons that cause the trouble with their "self righteous" attitudes!

Come on -- let's have some articles on how the transforming grace of Jesus Christ has worked miracles in the lives of those trapped in adulterous, fornicating AND same-sex lifestyles. They are out there, but you people insist on playing the game of politics in this issue and presenting the same-sex coupling lifestyle in a very favorable light and as being legitimate. Further, pastors such as Greg Dell are held up as "heroes" or "martyrs" for the cause as the case may be. And media people seem to always have a crush on them much the same as a love-sick freshman has for the star quarterback of the local high school football team!

Still contending (Jude 3 & 4)
Clayton D. Harriger
Elder in Full Connection, W. Pennsylvania Annual Conference, UMC
Web Site:  Circuit Rider's Range at:
Put on your helmet, armored vest, and fasten your seat belt before entering!

To the Editor, United Methodist News Service,

Why is it, in the aftermath of the Dell Trial for disobedience to the law of the United Methodist Church -- not to mention Greg Dell's ignoring holy scripture and affirming a sinful relationship, you are playing up the "hurt" the two men feel over the Dell verdict?

You represent the United Methodist News Service, don't you, not Cornet or the pro-gay arm of the church?

What everybody who is sympathetic to Dell and the two participants, Eccarius and Reinhardt, and Bishop Sprague are missing in all this, is Greg Dell did something that was damaging to the order and discipline of the United Methodist Church.

Look, Eccarius and Reinhardt may be great human beings in all other regards. Greg Dell may be a wonderful pastor in all other regards. The fact remains, however, that United Methodist Church law forbids the kind of service that Greg Dell performed. Church law was violated. It's disconcerting, too, for Joseph Sprague to emit all the sympathy for Dell that he has.

You could have taken the position that -- praise God! -- someone defied Church law and the church prevailed. But, you've been wallowing in the fact that these men, Eccarius, Reinhardt, Dell and Sprague, have been thwarted in their quest to rewrite scripture to their liking. What's next? Approval of adultery, pedophilia, bestiality? After all, adulterers, pedophiles, and others were made by God with those urges. Who are we to judge them for their human needs?

You're writing for the sinners and sinner sympathizers. Who is writing for the Church of Jesus Christ?

In Christ,


Don Spruill, Layperson
St. James UMC, Atlanta, GA North Georgia Conference

Sola Scriptura
Solus Christus
Sola gratia
Sola fide
Soli Deo gloria

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From: Carson Lauffer <>
To: UM news service <>
Cc: Carson Lauffer <>
Date: Wednesday, March 31, 1999 8:48 AM
Subject: "Holy" Union reporting


Many of us are getting very sick and tired of your one sided reporting concerning the Dell trial. We suppose that once the Sacramento Sacrilege trial begins you will be sycophants for the whining sinners out there as well.

The point is that many of us have had to suffer the wrath of Godly and very upset parishioners ever since these abominations have become widely committed. There is nothing holy about them.

Why don't you report on some of the pastors who have lost their life's work because of Creech, Dell, Williams, Talbert and others have denied the truth that God's grace can transform lives? There is no balance at all to your reporting. Why even call yourselves United Methodist News Service? Why not call yourself the Cornet Propaganda Service instead?

Rev. Carson Daniel Lauffer
110 Lafayette Street
Prophetstown, Illinois 61277
Phone 815.537.2618
Fax   815.537.2496

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