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UM Events Have Nothing To Do With Christianity

Veteran newswoman champions personal freedom

Ted Buehl

Does anyone have any information on SpirtQuest that is mentioned in this article? It mentioned it was based [on] To-Shin Do. I ran a search on yahoo and came up with the following definition at this site: http://www.phoenixquestcenter.com/toshindo.htm

TO - the sword

From the ninja combat methods of the legendary phantom warriors born of  Mt. Togakure and cultivated in the wooded mountains and marshes of Iga comes the core of our physical protection techniques and strategies - a great way to reduce stress and increase strength, endurance, and flexibility, while fostering a sense of peace, security, and control in life.

SHIN - the focused spirit of intention

From the rigorous kuji intention-channeling training of the shugenja of Mt. Yoshino comes the essence of our program for the discovery and development of the nine key qualities that characterize a fully actualized human being - a more focused and disciplined understanding of the cause and effect dynamics that lead to success and fulfillment in life.

DO - the path to mastery

From the originally Himalayan esoteric mikkyo vajrayana mind and spirit sciences of Mt. Hiei comes the technique of cultivating our unlimited physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual potentials - skillful ways to transform the inner and outer challenges of life, and ultimately come to grips with the very question of how to experience directly the significance of life itself.

I've got to scratch my head and wonder, what's this all about? It doesn't sound anything like the atoning blood of Jesus Christ... at least not to me. I would appreciate any clarification that could be provided.

in Him,

Ted Buehl

Editor's note:

Ted, you answered your own question.  It doesn't have anything to do with "...the atoning blood of Jesus Christ."



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