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Dear Mr. Speaker

To the Speaker of the House of Representatives
The Honorable Dennis Hastert

Dear Congressman Hastert:

I wanted to let you know that those of us in Concerned Methodists support the President and all that he is doing in the conduct of the war in Iraq.

It may be that some members of the United Methodist Church have approached you with the argument that the 8.3 million members of our denomination are opposed to the Iraqi war. This is blatantly false. Many of us see the evil that is inherent in the Iraqi regime, its connection to the attack on our own country on September 11th, and its oppression of its own citizens. We have a clear picture of the reality of the situation there and the threat to world peace that it poses.

On the other hand, we have no confidence in the pronouncements of some of our own denominational leaders, some of whom are Bishops Melvin Talbert and Joseph Sprague, and Jim Winkler. We do not consider them competent in leading the United Methodist Church (which has suffered a consistent decline over the past 35 years) much less pronouncements on international relations. If they have not been successful leaders of our denomination, how can they speak about areas outside of this with any degree of credibility?

In addition a very tangible evidence of our support for the war is the fact that there are many of our own members (military men and women who serve in the Special Forces, Rangers, Airborne, and the regular army) who are deeply involved in the fighting.

On a personal note, I have studied, worked, and lived in the field of the international environment for over forty years; speak four languages; and have at times operated in each of those languages. I am a retired army officer, having served from Vietnam through Operation Desert Storm. I can say with no hesitation whatsoever that United Methodist leaders and employees have a poor record in the area of political advocacy in the field of international relations. They simply do not have a realistic grasp of what is happening nor needed in this area. Their world view is not shared by the majority of United Methodists in key areas.

Should you wish to have your staff research a political history of our denominational employees, this may be done on our website at: http://www.cmpage.org. Scroll down to either "The Betrayal of the Church" or "Biases and Blind Spots" (two full-length books) and click on them. There is a wealth of data to show the reality of this political advocacy.

Make no mistake about it, Congressman Hastert, the Iraqi war is a just and necessary war and should be prosecuted with the greatest degree of support to its successful completion. We as a country must stand firm for the rights and freedom of human beings everywhere.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at:
Office: (910) 488-4379
FAX: (910) 488-5090
Cell: (910) 309-2461

Thank you again in fully supporting President Bush in the successful prosecution of this war.


Allen O. Morris
Concerned Methodists


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