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No Good Samaritans Left

by Xenurus

Terri Schiavo Thread

Defense of adulterer Michael Schiavo's thirteenth public attempt to murder his invalid wife (with the aid and abetment of the Florida courts) only manifests that America’s conscience is in a Persistent Vegetative State. Depriving a cat of food and water for a week would see Schiavo in an orange jumpsuit by nightfall---with the torches and pitchforks of PAWS, PETA and Greenpeace at his jugular.

Merely human, Terri has no such rescuer; tortured to death in Florida as the 300 million of us sit and watch. Not one man can be found in America.

Had she, like Charles Manson, been imprisoned for murder, she could fend off her black-robed killers with her Eighth Amendment rights. But, alas, as a mere medical patient she is vulnerable to “cruel and unusual” death.

Had she committed even a minor crime, she could claim Fifth Amendment protection of life and limb from double jeopardy. Thrice now she has been denied food and water by the Florida courts.

As legislative umpires parse pedantic quiddities and raise dry points of order over just how to codify the victim’s starvation as legal, the dominant principle at stake has eluded their acumen. No mortal bench can amend the laws of God, nor make moral what God has established as immoral.

In Jesus’ parable, the man who fell among thieves was left ”half dead”. The Samaritan for whom we name our hospitals neither finished him off, nor supervised his starvation. Those withholding aid who “passed by on the other side” God condemns as unmerciful, instructing His own to respond instead with self-sacrificial compassion.

Meddling do-gooders argue that slowly starving a patient to death “ends suffering”. But human life is more than a body, more than a mind. As usual, Americans forget the soul. Life does not end at death. For those who know not Christ, everlasting suffering but begins.

Christ personally warns, “Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will forewarn you Whom ye shall fear: Fear Him, which after He hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear Him.”

While I may not know Terri’s personal standing with God, it is irresponsibly reckless to assume that all incapacitated persons are prepared to meet God. Many, sadly, are not. All who die unrepentant of sin---regardless of circumstances---awake in hellfire. This life’s worst hospital bed is preferable to the “quality of life” in the Lake of Fire.

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