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When Truth Prevails; The Pope Dialog

by W. M. Mayfield Sr.

While I tend to stray from direct politics issues I find it is hard to do so when political lines are echoed by sentiment and not reality or truth. Perhaps we forget that this is why we have a term called “spin doctors.” This alone should raise flags as to whether or not truth and reality is subjective to whatever wind blows at any given moment.

We, as Christians have a mandate that should govern our stance in this media-ized world we live in; “do not follow every wind of doctrine” (philosophy, ideology, or rhetoric). As best one can tell, the news media is the greatest aid to Hamas and the Taliban. How; they jump on every opportunity to publicize the actions of these terrorist over the cold hard facts that balance the actions of these fiends for what it really is. The terrorist have a good advertising program and a great weapon of fear from the news media. All it cost is a suicide bomber or burning flags.

Case in point is the latest spin the Pope was “politically wrong” by using history to show the continuation of terror and murder reaching back into the 14th century (at the least). His point was the faith of radical Muslims requires terror while the faith of Christians in our present day relies on peaceful ideology as it’s source, and dialog.


Manuel II, of Portugal, defended Constinople (now Istanbul) successfully against the protests of Spain who would later demand Jews be expelled (presumably to die at the hands of Islamic powers) or they deny their faith. While Manuel II called the Jews to conversion, he refused to question how the Jews worshiped. Unfortunately, some of the people in Portugal decided killing the Jews was an expedient idea. Manuel II sought out, and punished, the perpetrators after the onslaught.

While he rested on a tedious peace with the Turks, under the pressure of another possible Constinople assault, Manuel II paid the Sultan of Turkey a hefty sum of money for that peace. As has been the historical habit of the radical Muslims, it did not keep the fall of Constinople from coming. In the face of this comes the statement from a breakfast talk with his generals and people of state to the methodology of Islamic faith by Manuel. Any surprise the Pope, in his observations, used this as an example of the times and issues of faith before believers?

I say bravo to the Pope for his candor and historical awareness; but I also say shame on him for backing down! As a matter of fact, the protesters against the Pope’s statement proved that Manuel II was indeed correct then as the Pope was in his speech. I never believed that the Catholic Church would resort to backing down from the confrontation of truth against spin doctor tactics.

Other Facts

Three days prior to the Pope’s speech in Germany (though our media in America didn’t report this) there was a call to “cleansing” the Islamic nations from the infidels to become pure for the upcoming terror they were to unleash upon the world. Part of the Pope’s response on faith was an answer to this call to “kill” anyone who was not sold out to the Islamic faith. Murder is the way of the radical Islamic factions. It is their only weapon; and that is not faith. The Pope was right.

Murdering children is not faith. Stealing from the poor in their countries to power their war machine is not right. Starting a conflict with Israel and killing with indiscriminant missiles that fall just anywhere is wrong. But how the Islamic world (and our American and free world media) cried foul even though they did these acts and many more first. I guess whoever can burn the most flags for media use wins.


Apparently our media is incapable of searching out facts and historical truths to temper their view. I believe it was Peter Jennings who said it was the responsibility of every member of the media to “be knowledgeable” of not just the facts  immediate to the news they were reporting but to all issues to those facts. We really miss him, we Christians, in the news. Accountability is getting harder to find these days.


If any Christian must apologize for boldly standing in the gap of truth, then the justice of the Creator is darkened. So is the hope of mankind blighted by human sensationalism. We also shame the first 300 years of the church and the blood of the saints before us. Maybe the Pope will consider this in days to come, and all Christians in the light of our times. The Pope before him would never have surrendered to politics over Truth. Ask the Polish people of courage he carried in the face of terror.

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