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Who's Abusing Whom?

by Michael L. Gonzalez

Truluck, in a press memo: GOD POSITIVE, makes an excellent argument for all G-BLT's [GLBT-Gays Lesbians Bisexual and Transgendered persons] to form a new religion, and I think that's entirely logical. But of course, they shouldn't demonstrate hatred toward Christians by bashing TRUE Christianity, as that would be considered hate speech (and that's something that is simply not tolerated any more).

The religion of the G-BLT's would be one that is based on the great philosopher, Jesus, and that excellent work of literature, the Bible.

The religion of the G-BLT's would be in stark contrast to Christianity, as Christianity is very well documented in the Word of God (the Bible, to you G-BLT's). The in-house debates among Christians over non-essentials of Christianity are quite minor, whereas the principles of the religion of the G-BLT's are so far out of the realm of Christian in-house debate that there's simply no way for the religion of the G-BLT's to be considered a part of Christianity.

Thus, Christians would thank the G-BLT's very much, when they form their new religion, to stay clear of that hateful attitude of trying to destroy TRUE Christianity, a religion that has been clearly understood for two millennia. How arrogant of the G-BLT's to think that they could re-define such a well-established, wide-spread, well-understood religion for their own selfish earthly desires. As a Christian of the Word of God, I AM OFFENDED!! Please consider me as a victim of the hate crime committed against me, through my religion, by the G-BLT's.

Of course as Christians, we are commissioned by Christ to help ALL people to know the TRUTH, and so we must continue to welcome all sinners into the Church and help everyone (just like ourselves) understand the error of our/their sinful ways. Obviously, programs like Exodus and organizations like NARTH are what Christians should support.

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