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Sad, But Funny; Funny, But Sad

By James Gibson

It's all but over in Pittsburgh now. The "big votes" on The Issue That Won't Go Away (homosexuality) were held yesterday, with traditionalists coming away with a decisive majority. On paper, United Methodism is safe for another four years. But this does not mean we have heard the last of the revisionists. In fact, we can expect them to be even more defiant, as their level of frustration nears the boiling point. Their devotion to the dark cause of unrestrained sexual license is either so sad that it's funny, or so funny that it's sad.

It is sad when one considers the amount of energy the revisionists have thrown into their unholy crusade, only to be rebuffed time and time again by the General Conference. Sad, also, is the amount of time the Church has had to invest in holding off the revisionist charge. It is time which would have been better spent sharing the transforming message of the Gospel with these lost, hurting souls who have been led down such a dark path.

It is funny when one considers that, on a scale of 1 to 10, homosexuality as an issue with the potential to divide the Church ranks about a 0.0000467, far below a more contentious issue like the color of the sanctuary carpet. Faithful Christians can hold differing opinions on the color of the carpet, but to attempt to apply the same principle to an issue like homosexuality is, when considered in such a context, nothing short of side-splittingly comical. Yet, that is precisely what the revisionists attempted to do with some of their petitions this year. They wanted to codify an imaginary "division" within the Church.

What the revisionists fail to understand is that there is no such "division" with regard to the issue they hold so dear. The Church has never been of "two minds" with regard to God's purpose in creating human beings in his image, male and female. Homosexuality is not a divisive issue within the Church. Rather, it is, at the present moment, the decisive issue which separates those who truly belong to Christ and those who, despite claiming membership in some Christian denomination, truly belong to the world.

It's funny when you think about it. But it's sad when you realize the consequences for those who have poured so much of themselves into publicly demonstrating their utter depravity and their separation from Christ.

  James Gibson
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