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Official UM News Glosses Over Pro-homosexuality Broadway's Decision To Withhold Apportionments

But what's conspicuously absent?

by Michael L. Gonzalez

It's now been almost two weeks since the Broadway UMC event when the members voted whether to stay in the UMC and/or take various other action on the homosexual agenda battlegrounds, and yet, the United Methodist News Service has continued its embargo on this story. Perhaps this is an effort to allow the secular media to lose interest (in order to not "fan the flames")--after all, it's already been printed in several major newspapers in America.

Now the local Northern Illinois Conference publication of the United Methodist Reporter is finally breaking the story from within via the print edition dated January 26, 2001, which can be read at http://www.gbgm-umc.org/nillconf/umrjan01.htm#01261

But what's conspicuously absent from this article?

Only the secular news accounts mention the withholding of apportionments that was proposed by Broadway UMC, and obviously sanctioned by Sprague, since he was leading the meeting. You can read the secular news accounts through this link: http://www.ucmpage.org/sword/m_sword01192001.html

I can't help but point out that the article quotes Phil Blackwell as commending Broadway UMC members for "the most courageous decision the members could make" because it's the most painful for them. "It appeared to me [Phil Blackwell] that of the four choices, b, c, and d all had promise of alleviating some of the pain that current members are feeling about their present identity as United Methodists," he said. "So to choose the one option that apparently holds no immediate cessation of pain seems to me to be very courageous. They, basically, are refusing to go away."

Certainly, Phil may be providing the point of view of the Broadway UMC membership, but his statement is whitewashing the real reason why "option a" had to be chosen by the congregation: Any of the other choices would have, at best, diminished the media focus on Greg Dell, or at worst catapulted his public life into media oblivion. Since Greg Dell's number one priority is personal FAME and GLORY, we all knew that his congregation would have to stay in the UMC.

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