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Ironic: UM Women's Goddess, Heretical "Sophia" Historically Inferior To Male Deity

April 2002 Assembly

I find the Women's Division's recent adoption of 'Sophia' quite interesting. Sophia, who happens to be a goddess of the second century Gnostics is a curious selection. According to the second century Christian writer Irenaeus, the Gnostics believed that Sophia was both enamored with the Father, and felt inferior to the Father. In fact she humbled herself to the Father. She was then purified by the Father, forming with the Gnostic spiritual Christ to form the Gnostic earthly Jesus. She was also responsible for sending the serpent to seduce Adam and Eve out of her jealousy. Let's see, the United Methodist Women honoring an inferior female Goddess filled with insecurity and jealousy. What perfect irony. You may want to do your homework before you let your zealotry latch onto the latest New Age trends.

I also question your logic if your purpose is "fulfilling the mission of Christ and the Church" and that Rev. Lundblad "will be an excellent Bible Study leader and will present a biblical perspective on mission and its meaning for today." If you recall the history of the Bible, it specifically excluded Gnostic writings. History also tells us that the Apostles Creed was developed to refute Gnosticism. So does this mean the Women's Division supports the addition of additional books to the Bible and now refutes the Apostles Creed? I wonder what John Wesley would think of that?

Bill Thomas
25 Year Methodist


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