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UMC's Join In Pro-homosexuality Groups' Hate Rhetoric to Protest Baptists Protesting Pro-gay Marriage Legislation in Vermont

From: Don Woolley daw97@earthlink.net
To: ucmpage@ucmpage.org ucmpage@ucmpage.org
Date: Friday, August 06, 1999 10:28
PM Subject: UnOfficial CM

Brothers, First, I want to thank you for your ministry. Hardly a day goes by that I don't check the site to catch up on the news. The UCM page keeps me up to date on issues of which I would otherwise be unaware. The Confessing Movement is the reason many people remain United Methodist I think. It gives us hope that God is not yet done with our denomination. I would encourage you, however, to be as objective as possible in writing the "headlines" for each news item. If the headline doesn't accurately describe the story, it seems the credibility of the movement is hurt.

Homosexuality is certainly a sin, but no greater a sin than others. The danger of homosexuality though is that people deny it is a sin, and demand that the rest of us condone it. This should enrage us but our anger must be righteous anger. Though I disagree with their motives, I certainly agree with those who condemn the notion that "God hates fags." Those who espouse such views do great harm to the cause of Christ.

God's Peace, Don Woolley

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