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UM Bishop Sprague's Flock Tiring of his Anti-Bush, Anti-Christian Rhetoric

Editor's note:  C. Joseph Sprague, bishop of the UM Northern Illinois Conference, recently spoke during the Sunday morning service at First United Methodist Church, Glen Ellyn, Illinois (his speech was billed as the sermon).  The following is a letter to the editor printed in the Chicago suburban newspaper.


Daily Herald Reports
Posted April 17, 2003

Bishop shouldn't preach politics

We wish to strongly protest United Methodist Church Bishop C. Joseph Sprague's activities regarding peace demonstrations and political statements from the pulpit.  At best, they are an embarrassment to the church members.  Thousands of Americans have fought and died gaining freedoms to lawfully allow you to espouse your opinions.

We have been members of the Glen Ellyn United Methodist Church for over 45 years and know many of the dedicated Christians who have given much time and money to improving life in this world -- and still are doing so.

We doubt anyone, members or not, have ever wanted to go to war and to sacrifice peace if war and the threat of terrorism could be avoided.

It is a matter of fact that the United Nations did not carry out their promise to contain Saddam Hussein.  The vacillation and delay encouraged defiance by the Iraqi regime.

Bishop Sprague's personal and professional activities are such a poor example for our church, state and nation -- civil disobedience and arrest only gives aid and comfort to the enemy regimes, and ties up the law-abiding citizens and security forces trying to maintain order in this troubled society.

It was also noted by many of our fellow Methodists and University of Illinois graduates that the $10,000 the Race and Relations Committee gave to help destroy Chief Illiniwek's existence would only help destroy the respect and honor for the Illini tribe created over many years.  This was a trivial waste of money that could better have been spent to support an American Indian scholar or some sensible worthy cause for the Indians.

Bishop Sprague needs to look at the man in the mirror and see if he might pray for peace and not make racial statements that assist in dividing people in the church and the country.

He should also refrain from making political statements while in the office of bishop.

Wayne and Patricia Stevenson

Glen Ellyn


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