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A Former Methodist Pastor Speaks On Its Demise

Monday, February 10, 2003

Bill Pfantz of Kansas City wrote, "Heresy is only recognized by those who are intolerant. Methodists don't have to agree with the bishop, they can agree to disagree" ["Only intolerants are calling Methodist bishop heretical," February 3].

It wasn't that long ago that most people understood that to be tolerant of evil made one complicit in the perverted acts which will naturally flow from unchecked evil.

It's indeed fascinating that heretics find it necessary to change the meaning of words and history in their attempt to find legitimacy for their perversions and untruth. Rather than leaving established organizations with which they disagree, they subvert them into becoming a watered down shell that is far removed from the vision that made them thrive. (At the risk of confusing people, I would point out that this very fact is an excellent illustration as to why evolution is impossible. Things, left to nature, don't evolve up, which is to say improve, they devolve, or grow worse.)

Alas, that is what has happened to the once great Methodist Church. I am a former Methodist minister who left the church because it was increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to be an orthodox Christian within that denomination.

Once upon a time, not so long ago in America, it was pretty easy to find an overwhelming consensus regarding the major points of faith and truth. Our Founding Document, also know as America's Birth Certificate, the Declaration of Independence, even talked about "self evident truth." That is as it should be.

Truth is only illusive when one rebels against the very foundations that have survived centuries and millennia. Things are considered orthodox when they are generally accepted over long periods of time.

Sadly, in modern America, it would probably be impossible to speak of "self evident truth" because far too many people are in rebellion against the laws of nature and nature's God.

There is a growing element whose main goal in life is to tear down the walls of orthodoxy and convention in order to find acceptance for what has always been considered aberrant, deviant and destructive behavior.

Many of these people are "activists" for the homosexual lifestyle. They will not rest until their twisted view of the world is the new orthodoxy. And, far too many Christians are unaware and unwilling to confront the juggernaut that is threatening to steamroll a thousand years of western civilization.

If we don't wake up soon we will find ourselves fighting an increasingly entrenched evil that will have gained an acceptance that 20 or 30 years ago would have been unimaginable.

Heresy is defined as "a belief different from the accepted belief of a church." In the case of the Christian Church, these accepted beliefs did not just happen. Neither were they arrived at lightly. They took centuries and have the confirmed witness of Scripture, which in itself has stood the test of thousands of challenges and critiques from much worthier adversaries than Bishop Sprague.

Anyone, such as Bishop Sprague or Mr. Pfantz, who promotes beliefs such as Jesus becoming Christ rather than being Christ from the beginning of time or the acceptance of homosexuality as an approved alternate lifestyle condoned by the Church is a heretic.

Heretics, if left unchallenged and undisciplined threaten the very existence of orthodoxy and, in turn, the civilized society that Christian civilization has developed.

I commend the Methodists who try, against heavy opposition, to return that once great denomination to the biblical foundation which made it such a guiding light in the forging of this nation's Christian heritage.

All of us who claim the name of Christ must get serious about shining the light of truth on the various heresies that abound in this wayward generation.

With regard to homosexuality, there is a web site that is filled with particularly good information, including Bible based pamphlets that present an uncompromised message of truth and redemption for those who are slaves to this insidious sin. Wisconsin Christians United is an excellent organization and their web site is www.wcuweb.com.

There are numerous excellent resources for you to use to educate yourself to witness to the current attack from Sodom's sons and daughters.

For the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah,

Ed Moore


Only intolerants are calling Methodist bishop heretical,


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