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"Of course, Sprague does not worship Jesus Christ..." Neither Do UM Women Nor Youth


Of course, Sprague does not worship Jesus Christ. We've all known that for some time.

But do your youth at your church worship Jesus as God? Do the children's ministries teach that Jesus is to be worshipped? I love you all, but the truth of the matter is UCMPage, Good News, IRD, and other precious organizations cannot do it all themselves. If all of us (most by far being baby boomers or older) are not pointedly and doggedly making sure that Jesus is the focus of worship for our children and youth, then whatever gains we might have made in 2000, or will make in 2004, will all be eliminated in about GC2024 or sooner.

The Sprague-ettes, UMW, and their like are not stupid. They are working on youth and children and are very patient. All they have to do to ultimately have their way on all issues, is to leave the youth and children in a pluralistic, relativistic, generic god stupor.

Maybe your church is emphasizing the deity of Christ, and maybe you can honestly say that you personally know that they are. But I feel very deeply that many church youth and children ministries are just feeding the same un-focused UM curriculum and programs to our youth and children.

Ask any youth or children Sunday School class if Jesus is God, or if Methodists worship Jesus Christ. A few years ago my wife and I did and we were dismayed at the answers. We've done nothing but try to teach them the truth ever since.

Please take an active role in youth and children's ministries, watch the programs they attend, know what the summer camps are teaching, know whether their Sunday School teachers are teaching Biblically about Christ's divinity.

Sorry to go on about this, but I have had this fear for some time, and reading the UM News article about the World Methodist Youth Council voting against our President on the Iraq issue made me want to get it off my chest.

Love you brothers and sisters.

George Gray


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