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Blown Away By Lack of Response To Bishop's Heresy

North Carolina Bishop Throws In Support For Sprague Heresy As Good For United Methodism

Tom Delk
Bel Air United Methodist Church

It simply blows me away that a bishop of the church, namely, Bishop Sprague, is teaching heresy and the only response of the church is to disagree and ask for continued dialogue. Where is the authority and leadership we expect from our bishops, when as bold as they get is "raising a concern." Sprague's comments show and unfaithfulness to the historic, revealed Christian faith--another gospel. If Sprague had any integrity, he would resign as Bishop, turn in his credentials and join some group that can put up with his compromised doctrine. As it is, Sprague isn't invigorating dialogue--he is promoting divisiveness and undercutting the gospel itself. He needs to be put on trial and put out of the church. Then, we can minister to him as the unbeliever that he appears to be.

Editor's Note: You speak like the Bishops should speak.


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