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Like Shining Shoes, Christ Is Not The Only Way To Salvation Says UM Bishop

Date: 12/17/99
Subject: Letter to Ill. "Reporter"....

Here is the letter that I am sending to the Ill. UM Reporter where Bishop Sprague's "Shoe-Shine column is scheduled to appear on Friday.....(I will attach a copy of the "Cobbler's Lament")

Dear Editor,

If anyone is still wondering why the United methodist denomination is slowly atrophying and quietly dying,...why it is becoming more and more irrelevant as a redemptive, vital, spiritual force of influence in America today, one only needs to read Bishop Sprague's recent "shoe-shining" article in the "Reporter".

When the Bishop wrote......

[Insert Bishop's quote here about why the SB's should not "arrogantly" proselytize in the name of Jesus because doing so would call into question the faithfulness of Christians already ministering in the area.......]

....I shuddered and was ashamed.

Truly, the only thing that might cause others to question the "faithfulness of Christians ministering" in the chicago area is the Bishop' s column itself.....

Consider for a moment if Bishop Sprague had been 'in charge' of the Apostle Paul's ministry immediatly after his Damascu road conversion experience. Paul would have never left the environs of Jerusalem.....And let us all be grateful that bishop Sprague was not 'in charge' and giving orders at Pentecost. If he had been, the Church would have been born and then immediatly 'snuffed out' right then and there in the upper room.

The Church "stillborn".
Partial birth abortion of the Church universal, the Body of Christ.

Dear Lord, forgive us.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Tom Graffagnino

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