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North Georgia: Bishop Asserts His Own Rules of Order, Georgia Governor Speaks, Retired Bishop Speaks of Reawakening

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Date: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 11:02 AM

Dear Don,

Your harshness toward our Bishop in unwarranted.  First, there were many weeks for anyone to discuss the apportionment issue with anyone else because the issue was publicly reported as upcoming at the conference.  Second, there was adequate discussion on this issue when it came before the conference.  Third, there was nothing wrong about Bishop Davis' behavior concerning the apportionment vote:  he sensed that the delegates were ready to vote and he was right.  Fourth, the Resolution failed because it was a bad idea.

To set in motion a system of dissent and turmoil by selected payment of apportionments would surely cause as much harm to our denomination as was caused by similar conduct here at FUMC in Marietta.  This was evident to the conference delegates and this is why the resolution on selected apportionment payments was soundly and overwhelming defeated.   Your information that there was a "close vote" is incorrect, or perhaps there is a new definition as to what constitutes a close vote.

As to your unwarranted degradation of our Bishop, I say shame on you.  Your attitude, which you yourself describe as "anger," is sin crouching at your door.    I am praying for you that you will not be consumed it.

I offer you a biblical parallel.  Christ told the man who was lame for 30 years to take up his pallet and walk.  The man did.  The Pharisees were outraged because the man was carrying his mattress.  They could not see the Son of God standing before them, they could not rejoice in the miracle they witnessed, they could not share in the joy of the lame man being able to walk, they could not see that this particular Sunday was a great day of rejoicing.  All they could do was squawk and complain about the man carrying his mattress on Sunday.  For someone to focus on the apportionment vote at our conference is about the same as the Pharisees seeing only the mattress issue.   Great things took place at our conference and these are well documented.

Bishop Davis is a man of understanding and compassion.  He is a loving and caring Bishop and I know this personally because of his help in getting us through the difficult times we have all experienced at our church.   He does not focus on the mattress.  He focuses on the good and he is a man of discernment.  You owe Bishop Davis an apology for your harsh words, and you do our Church no good by your angry witness.

Diana Waldrop, Lay
Delegate, Marietta First


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Date: Saturday, June 26, 1999 3:08 AM
Subject: The Bishops's Behavior at Annual Conference

I read the annual conference report from a representative of Gateway UMC and was angered by our resident bishop's handling of the discussion and vote on the apportionment issue. Davis' behavior -- not allowing a full discussion of the issue and then not having a physical count of an obviously close vote -- reminded me of the way things were handled in former communist countries rather than in the United States where we follow Roberts Rules of Order.

Some would say that we're lucky that we don't have an apostate bishop like Melvin Talbert or a heretical bishop like Joseph Sprague. I say that it's unfortunate that we don't have a loving bishop like Richard Looney.

Incidentally, I noticed in a delegate's report from the Kentucky AC that Davis did a good job presiding there in the ill Bob Morgan's absence. Maybe we could arrange a transfer for him.

In Christ,

Don Spruill, Layperson
St. James UMC, Atlanta, GA
North Georgia Conference

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