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Related Local News Stories of Hate Crime Murder By Homosexuals

From: Hoshiko <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, November 25, 1999 12:04 PM
Subject: Related Local Stories of Media and UM Agencies Silent When Hate Crimes Commited By Homosexuals

To whom it may concern,

May God richly bless all of you who keep us informed about what's going on throughout the United Methodist church across the country through this vital ministry. "Once we were blind, but now we see!"

As we endeavor to follow the negative and heretical aspects of the denomination however, I pray that we don't loose sight of the fact that God's work is also being done through the church as well. Our witness to one another through our words and deeds and our persistent, loving call to our brothers and sisters to repent of their sins for forgiveness and salvation and will to a large degree determine how many will turn from their wicked ways and submit to and gratefully accept God's sovereignty.

In Christ's infinite love,

Dennis Hoshiko Lay member F.U.M.C. Greeley, CO

From: "U.M. Cornet"

Today, I visited the Times of India and gleened these articles that may be of interest....

1. Sex crime or hate crime?

This editorial is interesting because it gives an international perspective to the debate about hate crimes as it relates to lesbian and gay people.

Excerpt "As the aftermath of Matthew Shepard's murder last October played out culminating last Thursday with the sentencing of Aaron McKinney to two life sentences, an equally disgusting crime was committed in Arkansas, where two men raped and killed a 13-year-old boy [Jesse Dirkhising]."

This editorial from India addresses the difference between sex crimes and hate crimes, in that some have been mixing these two up lately. See, for example, The header link to this page says, "Related Local News Stories of Hate Crime Murder By Homosexuals." The argument presented is that "Media and UM Agencies Silent When Hate Crimes Commited By Homosexuals."

The Indian editorial says, "The most salient difference between the Shepard case and this one, however, is that while Shepard's murderers were driven to kill by hate, the boy's rape and death was a sex crime."

Editors Note:  Does that mean if Aaron McKinney would have sodomized Matthew Shepard before (or after) he killed him he would no longer be guilty of hate?

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