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"Make it officialGo in peace"

Georgia Bishops Respond:
Wesley Putnam

The pro-gay faction in our denomination is well aware that they lost the battle for changing the law through General Conference legislation in 2000. In April of this year, the odds are strong that they will lose again. With this legislative failure looming, the only option left was rebellion.

They, undoubtedly, are feeling noble and courageous for speaking out for what they believe is a great injustice. But, is it really nobility or courage at work here?

What has happened in Washington is more akin to the tantrum of a toddler who has learned he can't have his way. It is the kicking and whining of a self-absorbed child. Or, it could also be compared to the ways a pubescent child connives to manipulate parents into giving them their way.

There is nothing noble - nothing coming close to courage in this childish act. They have declared in this action, "Since we can't get our way through the proper channels, we will force our will on the rest of the church."

If they truly desire to be people of conviction and courage, may I suggest that there is only one way to do that. Since they know that they are in fundamental disagreement with the denomination and are not willing to abide by the rule of Scripture or our Discipline, they should plan their exit now. There is no need for waiting or drawing out the inevitable. They are no longer a part of the covenant relationship with their fellow clergy. They have severed the ties themselves. No one required it or forced them to do so. It was a conscious choice based on their principles. So be it. Make it official. Go in peace.

I pray that when the General Conference meets in just a few weeks, this matter will be dealt with decisively. I will be praying that there will be wisdom and love at work and that the very hard decisions that need to be made will be made. If not, I fear the departure of many thousands of our members to other churches that will remain faithful to God and His Word.

Wesley Putnam


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