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Even "the Young and the Restless" Weigh In On Latest Official United Methodist Abomination

From: UMC Seminarian cogitoveritas@hotmail.com
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2004 2:24 PM
To: jwarrene@ucmpage.org
Subject: A Modest Proposal for UMC Reconciliation

NOTE: I could not get the “Make Comments” feature on the site to work. I am therefore sending this as a comment to: National Columnist, Cal Thomas Say It's Time For The Faithful To Leave A Lost United Methodist Church

As a UMC seminarian and one who is not ordained, I cannot provide my name for publication at this time.

God Bless

A Modest Proposal for UMC Reconciliation:

For consideration by delegates to the 2004 General Conference

I.  Refuse to seat the delegates of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference due to their schismatic actions and consider whether the entire Western Jurisdiction has culpability due to varied heretical and schismatic actions to the extent that none of their delegates should be seated.

II. Reapportion the entire UMC, including those outside of the U.S., into two majority orthodox jurisdictions for the purpose of reconciliation with Christ, reaffirming that the entire Body of Christ is worth saving, that heretics will not be allowed to carve up the church in schism only to continue their attack upon the orthodox remnant. (This should not be difficult considering our current shrunken state. My God, look at the actual attendance of the UMC and cry out to the LORD.)

III. Declare a state of emergency within the heretical Annual Conferences, dismiss the heretical Bishops, and immediately appoint temporary leadership to right the ship of salvation.

IV. Vacate all Episcopal offices as of January 1, 2005 and call for the two new Jurisdictions to elect a new group of Bishops from among the current group as well as new candidates.

V. De-credential all Elders who blatantly, openly, and therefore schismatically violate their ordination and loyalty oath and rest this authority with the two new Jurisdictions.

VI. Utilize the budget proposed for the continuation of the secular themed media campaign and establish a fund to compensate Elders, Pastors, and congregations that have been forced out of the UMC via the heretical theological discrimination of certain leaders.  Invite those previously driven out to return. Use remaining funds to start and restart churches, as well as to inform the public that the UMC is no longer secular and is inviting all people to a new life in Christ, especially in those areas ravaged by the heresy of the former regimes.

VII. Acknowledge that one of the greatest sources of heresy within the UMC flows from our current batch of UMC related divinity schools and seminaries. Therefore stop all funding to all schools pending a review of curriculum and faculty. Reassign these funds in the form of scholarships, grants, and vouchers to actual ministry students, to the extent that students attend a newly approved school.

VIII. Go forward, reconciled to Christ, in mission and evangelism, spending our resources on matters other than those of genital placement and long established heresies.


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