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Liberal UM Minority: Theological Terrorists Of Sexual Perversion

Confessed Homosexual Pastor's "Loop Hole" Church Appointment Challenged With New Complaint
Dwain Whitehurst


I read carefully Bishop Elias Galvan's statements from Methodist News Service concerning this situation. He had much to say about his love and concern for these pastors who have blatantly defied our discipline.

He states that they will be treated as innocent and given every right until proven guilty. I submit that they have already stated their guilt in their on words. There can be no doubt of their guilt. It is obvious that every effort will be made to find a way to find them not guilt, or find a loop hole, or extend the time it takes for their trial. I was concerned that Bishop Elias Galvan did not express any sympathy for the millions that have left our church due to its failure to uphold the teaching of the scriptures and our Discipline, or for the thousands of Bible Believing Godly pastors, pastoral candidates, or seminary students who have been verbally abused, punished through appointments, and pushed out of our church and seminaries. For careful observers it is obvious that the minority theological liberal elements in our church have been and are practicing sociological and theological terrorism against our church and its orthodox doctrine.

I am also concerned that the Council of Bishops have been silent on this issue. The honest thing for all persons who do not accept the Authority of the Bible as the Rule and Guide of our Faith and the Book of Discipline as the standard for our Church and it's clergy is to resign and leave. The Bishop spoke of this "painful trial" . The pain of the trial or of a few persons who are trapped in sexual perversion is nothing compared to the pain of our dying church and it's faithful membership and pastors.

Let us pray for the sanctification of our Church and the repentance of all sinners and the deliverance of all sexual perverts by the sanctifying power of the Holy Ghost. Let us, once again spread Scriptural Holiness throughout the land.

Dwain Whitehurst, Faithful Elder
The Mississippi Conference


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