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UM Bishop Chosen To Preside Over Same Sex Union Trials Preaches Homosexuality From Pulpit As "God's New Thing"

Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2000 3:33 PM
Subject: Letter to the former bishop Tuell....

Dear Former Bishop Tuell,

I have just finished reading your "conversion" sermon of February 20, 2000.

You say that God is revealing "new truth". There seem to be quite a few voices these days jumping on the "new truth" bandwagon....large numbers of very influential folks within the denomination (and without) who are tooting the horn and banging the drum of this so-called "new truth". For instance, many of these "new truth" tooters and bangers are telling us that God has revealed to them that that the pagan goddesses of antiquity are legitimate objects of worship for many who call themselves "Christians". These "new truth" seekers are also quite fond of telling us that the previously revealed Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is not really very cool anymore. In fact, they are telling us that this Triune God is too intolerant, too "bloody", too cruel, too "judgemental" and therefore is simply just not acceptable to the more highly evolved , 21st century, new age sensibilities . In short, the Biblical God has (in "new truth") been disqualified. These "new truth" trendsetters and promoters have, in fact, begun actively promoting rites, rituals and liturgies (within the church) that are virtually indistinguishable from those practiced and recited by the contemporary Neo-Pagan/wiccan community (that is, witchcraft).


When God does a "new thing", does He contradict Himself? (As in: "Whoops! Sorry, I guess I was wrong! Maybe you guys will like this better.....)


Or is this "new truth" and "new thing" that you mention really just a VERY "old thing" and a very "Old Lie" dressed up in a glittery new Madison Avenue package for easy consumption? The "Old Lie" dressed up as "The New Thing"....The "Old Lie" re-imagined and re-packaged to appeal to a generation whose roots in the True Truth of God's Word are tragically shallow......but who instead drink deeply from the trough of "pop-culture", "pop-psychology" and the "Self-Esteemism" so aggressively peddled by the world. The Church has travelled down this broad, barren and destructive path of "new truth" many times before...but the "true Truth" has always and WILL always prevail despite the adversary's constant, persistent attempt to sell his counterfeit, re-imagined version (which is really only delusion and death).

**** "Sinful man is like Hamlet believing himself to be Shakespeare."****

Dear Lord, forgive us.

Sincerely in Christ,

Tom Graffagnino

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