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Curbing the Hate Speech by Good News Focus (Commentary)

From: Dave Fowler
To: ucmpage@ucmpage.org
Sent: Monday, May 08, 2000 1:21 PM
Subject: Curbing the Hate Speech

I had higher hopes for Mr. Lawson. O that his life and ministry of lifting the downtrodden would not have been capped (or perhaps uncorked) as it was this night by becoming an oppressor and spew-master of hate himself.

Hatred and lies are no more attractive in clerical garb than they are from beneath a KKK sheet. It was surprising to read such rhetoric from such a "lover of all" as he surely must be. Somehow he speaks the language of hatred and pronounces "guilt by association" with practiced ease....you might even say he goose-steps with the best of 'em.

So much for the lead honoree of the much venerated MFSA. We celebrate their choice...for how could a "winner" be any less winsome. May his tribe increase among the MFSA as their true agenda and "heart" is exposed in the crucible of spiritual and political failure.

He claims the church is under attack...apparently from those who honor (and wish to uphold) it's discipline and who further, (God fobid) wish to require that the church's agents and agencies also do so. This seems an odd method of attack to me, but if you can venerate a man who speaks such, perhaps the logic of this "attack" also will not escape you.

His language reminds us not of the Savior. He pretends no Christian agenda. God is not master, they will fight to have their way. And then call it Christian later.

This liberal "emperor" has no clothes...he has exposed himself...and it's high time the laughter begins.

David Fowler

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