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Rebel Pastor's Punishment Sticks, But Returns to Pulpit In 2000

From: Robert Mathias <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, September 23, 1999 8:08 PM
Subject: Rebel Pastor's Punishment Sticks, But Returns to Pulpit In 2000

Dear Friends,

We have come to a place in Methodism that we desire all to come to the Lord's table.

However, have we forgot that there would be no Table if it were not for the Cross.

We must be sound Biblically and not forget to call persons to repentance.

I think Rev. Dell has missed the opportunity to bring an understanding of Christian beliefs.

For me I hope he repents and signs or LEAVE.

Bob Mathias
East Ohio

From: <>
To: <>
Date: Monday, September 20, 1999 9:31 AM
Subject: (no subject)

Why did they not simply removed his credentials as an ordained minister? He is not repentant of what he has done. In fact, he has promised to do it again because that is what he feels called to do. We will simply have to go through this again.

From: J. Bailey ""
To: <>
Date: Sunday, September 19, 1999 8:26 AM
Subject: Rebel Pastor's Punishment Sticks, But Returns to Pulpit In 2000

The Church has taken a stand on many things. My church has stood and still stands against the consumption of alachol. But it is clear that from the Bible only drunkenness is condemed and the consumption is even enecoraged in a few [asages. My church stands against abortion. However the few pasages in the Bible do not take such a strong stand. BUT homosexualality is sin. Both in the Old and New Testiment. There is simply no room to debate unless we throw the Bible out.


From: Norman L. Ramsey III
Date: Saturday, September 18, 1999 11:26 AM
Subject: Response to suspension being upheld

Gregory Dell's words about the homosexual community: "consistently have been threatened with or have already been the victims of exclusion or violence from church and society," need to be examined. What United Methodist pastor has ever advocated or advanced violence against any group of people? Is there one? The church is accused of bigotry- (definition: the practice of being devoted to one's own opinion or prejudice). Judging by Rev. Dell's own words, I suppose that rubs both ways.

May we who name the name of Jesus Christ depart from iniquity, living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, living in agape with one another.

Norm Ramsey
Charlotte Charge UMC

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