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....a sign of the times

From: Sue sakilgore@qwest.net
Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2002 7:30 PM
To: ucmpage@ucmpage.org
Subject: Evangelical Coalition (CUMA) To Disobedient Pro-homosexuality Bishops: "We're Watching You!"

Homosexuality is a sin. If you believe the Bible is God's written word, then you know in your heart this is so.

Those who deny it are not "practicing" Christians, as our goal is to live a "Christ-like" life. While we will never attain this, it is certainly our desire. If we want to be used by God to help bring others to Christ, we must accept responsibility for how we present ourselves.

So many people are turned off by accepting homosexuality in the church, because even the unsaved know it is a sin. We cannot pick out just the parts of the Bible that appeal to us as what we will practice and profess. I believe those who practice homosexuality should prepare themselves for heavy judgment, as they are not bringing sinners to Christ, but losing people that "could have been" His.

I do believe you can be homosexual and be "saved", but then you must change your life, as you have repented your sins.

The in-fighting within the church does not help win any victories, either. Truly a sign of the times.....all I know for sure to do is pray. All one has to do today is open a newspaper to find something about the Methodist Church, or the Presbyterian Church, or the Catholic Church. It makes me want to prostrate myself before God and beg for mercy!



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