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Rebel UM Pastor Releases Statement Concerning Second Disobedience Trial

From: Rev. Jeffrey Foster <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, September 24, 1999 11:29 AM
Subject: Rebel UM Pastor Releases Statement Concerning Second Disobedience Trial

To Whom it May Concern:

I'm just a little confused. The Rev. Creech says on the one hand that "the celebration of love and commitment between two people is a profound and particular embodiment of the gospel of Jesus Christ." For Creech, it matters not whether those two people are of the same or different gender because we need to respect what he refers to as their "innate" sexuality.

On the other hand, brother Jimmy says the church's position on sexuality constitutes an act of violence against "lesbian, bisexual and gay persons" (emphasis added). Here's the rub. A bisexual person, by definition, is one who engages in sexual acitivity with both men and women. In order for such a person to experience his or her full personhood (considering the fact that Creech and others tie full personhood to sexual experience), that person would have to be engaged in sexual relations with two persons. In other words, we're talking about the celebration of love and commitment between not two, but three people. I wonder if the right reverent Creech considers menage a tois to be acceptable in the sight of God.

How long will the United Methodist Church continue to tolerate the heretical and intellectually lazy ravings of such apostates as Creech and Greg Dell? I am one United Methodist elder who finds myself wondering why such people even still hold credentials. The time is going to come in the not too distant future when people like me (who still believe in the authority of scripture), are going to have to decide whether we can remain faithful to our calling while being unequally yoked to people like Creech who are willing to throw the Bible out the window, wrap the gospel in the garb of pop culture and call it grace!

Rev. Jeffrey Foster
Hohenwald Circuit United Methodist Church
Tennessee Annual Conference

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