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Convicted Pastor Returned To Pulpit By Anti-Church Bishop

From: Jeff Foster
To: greg@brdwyumc.org
Sent: Sunday, July 02, 2000 8:14 AM
Subject: Missing You

Dear Greg:

There's an old saying, "How can we miss you if you won't leave?" I was reminded of this when I read your comments in the Sun Times. Specifically, you said, "I don't consider the Methodists my employers, but my family. Sometimes if the family becomes abusive, you have to dust off your sandals and leave." This is not the first time you have threatened to leave the denomination over the same sex union issue. I recall, prior to General Conference, you said that someone would be leaving when it was all over. I assume you meant that, whoever lost on this issue would take their football and go play in someone elses yard, like so many juvenile poor sports. Since your side lost (decisively), I thought for sure you'd be leaving. But, alas, you're still around. Still threatening to engage in disobedience to the Discipline you vowed to uphold. Still threatening to leave if you don't get your way. Personally, I'm tired of your threats. I wish you'd make good on them and hit the road but I know you won't. You'll stay in the UMC as long as you can because we give you a forum that you'd never have elsewhere. I can only hope and pray that, if you make good on your threat to do more same sex unions, the Northern Illinois Annual Conference will finally do the right thing and put you out of the ministry once and for all. Then we won't have to be threatend by you ever again!

Your Brother in The LORD,

Rev. Jeffrey Foster

Hohenwald Circuit
United Methodist Church
Hohenwald, TN
TN Annual Conference, Columbia District

From: Carol A. Dieffenderfer jdieffender@stny.rr.com
To: ucmpage@ucmpage.org
Sent: Tuesday, May 02, 2000 4:26 PM
Subject: Convicted Pastor Returned To Pulpit By Anti-Church Bishop

We are to call sin , sin. However, we must help the sinner to see that Christ can change him or her for a better life. What profits a man who gains the whole world, but loses his soul? We must all repent of our sins and try to sin no more.

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