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Confessing Movement Releases Statement of  Concern Over CA Charges

From: Adult Minister
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 1999 9:12 AM
To: '
Subject: Comments on the Confessing Movements statement regarding the Dell trial and the charges against Rev. Goodyear.
From: Rev. Dan Boyd Elder - Northwest Texas Annual Conference

I orgininally thought the Dell verdict was a good verdict. However, I do not believe it to be so now. Rev. Dell's punishment was only token. His employment by "In All Things Charity" and as a consultant to his "former" congregation with the approval and even help of his "bishop" shows that the verdict was only a convenient attempt to soothe the anger and frustration of Biblical United Methodists. The Dell verdict may turn out to only be a hollow "victory" without lasting effect. The attempt to give Rev. Dell an out by signing a pledge to never again perform a homosexual union is like a parent telling a child, "I won't punish you for disobedience if you promise never to hit your sister again." Talk about a dysfunctional family without a clear understanding and practice of authority.

Rev. Goodyear, though seemingly evangelical in faith and passion, is skating pretty near the edge of living with a double standard when it comes to the California situation. He filed charges against the clergy in his conference fro violating a rule of the Discipline. He now complains that his D.S. is filing charges against him for violating the Discipline. Why? If it is true that he received 100% of his salary after leading or knowingly allowing his congregation to pay only 10% of its apportionments, then he violated a rule of the Discipline. Is the D.S. being vindictive? Maybe? Is the rule of "lesser" importance than the rule against performing homosexual unions? Maybe, but who gets to judge the severity of disobedience? Disobeying authority is disobeying authority? Ask the men of Beth Shemeth or Uzzah (2nd Samuel 6:6-7) if a 'small' disobedience has consequences. Rev. Goodyear, I pray for you. I hope your D.S. will loose any vindictive spirit he may have against you. I also pray you can see that disobedience to the Discipline, even a part which seems minor or which is enforced unevenly and unfairly, opens one up to a charge of failing to fulfill one's responsibilities.

In Christ,

Dan Boyd

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