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Broadway UMC Homosexual Union Ceremony And Protocol

From: Kenneth Burcham knbur@earthlink.net
Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2000 5:27 AM
To: ucmpage@ucmpage.org
Subject: Broadway UMC Homosexual Union Ceremony And Protocol

Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Burcham

This is still a violation of the covenant with the United Methodist Church and most certainly with God in asking God to bless an unholy union.

From: Keith Igarashi ont4x@fmtc.com  
Sent: Monday, December 11, 2000 4:42 PM
To: ucmpage@ucmpage.org 
Subject: Broadway UMC Homosexual Union Ceremony And Protocol

Could this be part of a manifestation of what the Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:1-5? If so, should the Church faithfully follow the directive in v.5b, taking strength and gaining perspective from the knowledge that nothing, not even hell shall prevail in its assault of the Living Body of Jesus Christ? Our prayers are only for God's mercy to be poured out upon us all, giving little thought to what some may see as corruption. A dimension of self-love (v.2), literally, "selfish", is the necessary preoccupation with the manipulation of the circumstances which surround and directly affect one's life. It is no surprise then that BMUC has (as others no doubt will) carved a way around present UMC doctrines and principles regarding marriage.

How much longer will members of this body pursue legal means to self-realization while casting about for the kind of grace that suits the day? Either we live by God's grace, or we live as slaves to something else (anything else!).

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