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Renewal Rally in Omaha

Greetings from CM director, Pat Miller

Greetings, Grace and Peace to you,

Rev. Greg Stover, a member of The Confessing Movement Board of Directors, Dr. Ira Gallaway, Associate Director of The Confessing Movement, and I went to Kearney for the Creech trial.  We had the opportunity to present our position on church doctrine and the trial to the print media and CNN.

The outcome of the trial calls for immediate action.  The Confessing Movement, as you know, has called for a special session of General Conference.  I urge you to join us in that call for action.

Dr. Ira Gallaway will return to Omaha today, March 21, 1998, to minister to members of the laity of First United Methodist Church of Omaha. Tomorrow, Sunday, March 22, 1998, at 10:00AM, there will be a First United Methodist Church of Omaha Laity Rally at Westside High School Auditorium.  Dr. Gallaway's message will be "How Can We Be Part of Renewal Efforts in the United Methodist Church."

I'll let you know the attendance and outcome of the Rally.

Thanks for you faithfulness. God bless you as you serve.

In His Service,

Patricia Miller
Executive Director, Confessing Movement

The West's" Report on the Rally

Originally dated: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 23:01:12 -0600


Well, our two events were great today...much better than we could have expected.  All I can say is, "WOW!"

The morning "gathering" was really uplifting.  We saw faces we hadn't seen in ages, and we were all together again.  Dr. Gallaway's message was perfect for us and just what we needed.  You know all that stuff I've been telling you we need to hear from the pulpit?  He talked about all of it!  As I was sitting there, I couldn't help but think that maybe some of the others in the room had never heard this, either...and I was really glad that we were all hearing it together.  The sound system was kind of shaky at times, and we had to take our collection/offering in cardboard boxes...but it was beautiful.  I think we would have been happy to stand out in the snow in the middle of the parking lot if we'd had to.  There were probably about 260 people in attendance, which was pretty good...all things considered.

The evening meeting was great, too.  We ran out of chairs, and some people had to stand the whole two hours.  There were probably about 250 people there, as well.  Some of the Creech supporters showed up and made sure they got in front of the news people who came.  McClellan (Creech's attorney) said on the news tonight that he just didn't know what it was in our brains that made us not be able to get past this basic concept of Christianity.  Later, I asked him if he would please be sure to include "white, middle-class, females" in his comments to the newspaper next time.  (He had said in today's article that we were just a bunch of "white, upper-class, men.")  We decided that we liked our "gathering" so much today that we would do it on a regular basis.  We also formed a steering committee and signed a petition to ask that our three ministers be removed.  Members of other UMCs in the area attended, too.  They wanted copies of our petition so they could sign on separate sheets and send them to our Bishop.

All in all, it was a success and very worthwhile.  Thanks for all the prayers.

Diane West, FUMC Omaha NE

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