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North Georgia CM's Withdraw Conference Motion

Augusta Chronicle Story

A lay delegate and co-sponsor of the Confessing Movement resolution at the North Georgia. Annual Conference reports:

The day it was scheduled to come to the floor all the sponsors agreed among ourselves to withdraw the resolution (which had received a 6-2 vote of non-concurrence from the resolutions committee.) simply because we had not done enough grassroots work to build support for it.

The resolution may well have passed if we'd brought it to the floor -- I don't know. But our goal wasn't simply to get something passed but to make the resolution a unifying document. We didn't want it to pass or fail by a small margin.

If the motion had failed, that result would have been embarrassing for the CM and for the conference. So we decided to pull back, spend some time gaining support (and, we hope, get several well-known pastors/D.S's in the conference to sign on as co-sponsors), and bring it back next year.

Grace and peace,

Joseph Slife Lay Leader Gateway UMC-Athens, GA

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