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Confessing Movement "All Talk And No Action" According To Some

After the proclamation was confirmed, the Rev. Robert Renfroe, a Confessing Movement board member and associate minister at the Woodlands United Methodist Church near Houston, addressed the conference. "We need to listen as first steps toward unity. Listen to others; listen to God," he said. Craig L. Adams

John Quigley wrote in response to Craig L. Adams: "I could have sworn we had been listening, and been in dialogue for the last 30 + years. When do we stop with the "dialogue" and the "listening" and start actually calling heresy what it is?"

I have been asking a similar question for many years, John. I want to know what it will take to cause a sufficient number who might make up the "we" in your question to stop talking, and start acting. There is no reason for the subject of allowing any kind of sin to exist among the membership to come before another General Conference. Further, the door should be opened, (we do have an "open door" policy do we not) and those who want the practice of sin to be allowable for church members should be escorted out through those doors...."See ya!"

I am a sinner, saved by grace. I'm not without sin, but I do not "practice" it. I am repentant, and broken when I recognize my sin. If I should ever desire to go back to my old ways, thereby dissolving my spiritual relationship with God and his church, I hope that I would dissolve my association with the church physically as well, thus not adding hypocrisy to my list of sins.

God bless all of you stalwarts of the faith, and for those who will presume to speak a word for the Lord tomorrow morning, may his anointing be upon you and give you souls for your efforts.

Ron Burbank
Waycross, GA

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