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United Methodist Minister on Wrong Side of the Issue

Letter to the Bishop by Church Layman

Bishop Davis,

Again, we see a United Methodist minister on the wrong side of an important issue. In the case of President Clinton's situation, Philip Wogaman, who pastors a reconciling church [pro-homosexuality organization], is only looking at the forgiveness side of the equation. Where is the call for repentance? Paige Patterson, a Southern Baptist, is calling for his resignation...and rightly so.

What is the future of our denomination with this kind of leadership in our pulpits? Where are the voices of United Methodist leaders calling our leaders to higher standards? Has a single bishop spoken out on this? The silence from the United Methodist Church is deafening.

"People who support President Clinton should speak up", his pastor says. Philip Wogaman of Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C., said he holds Clinton in high regard despite his adulterous relationship with former intern Monica Lewinsky. Clinton has "underscored" to him his deep regret over the relationship, Wogaman said. "Taking the sum of what I know about the situation into consideration, I feel it would be a tragedy for his presidency to end over this matter," he told United Press International. Wogaman made his remarks in response to Southern Baptist Convention President Paige Patterson's call for Clinton to resign. "Those of us who feel differently need to raise our voices too. I think it would be very good for the nation to rise to the level of forgiveness now," Wogaman said.

In Christ,

<>< Don Spruill, Layperson St. James UMC, Atlanta, GA North Georgia Conference

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